Weekend Warfare: Rocket League, Smite, World of Tanks

As April comes to a close, our Weekend Warfares have been tallied up. Come check out who brought home the wins for their divisions!

April’s Weekend Warfares have been brought to you and hosted by KSI’s amazing Tournaments and Events and Productions teams.
The T&E staff remind you to always follow the KSI Code of Conduct when participating in such events. Failing to do so will result in disqualification.

Rocket League 2v2

On Saturday, April 13th, our Weekend Warfare was played on Rocket League. It was a 2v2, and full of massive explosions!

Winner’s Circle

First Place:

  • KSI x Nutty
  • WickedMammal493

Second Place:

  • xNun Ya Bidn3ss

Third Place:

  • MDYG
  • slick triggers

Smite 3v3 Joust

On Saturday, April 20th, T&E held our Weekend Warfare on Smite. It was a 3v3 Joust.

The Noble Elite

First Place:

  • KSI Torch096
  • Rupp Horde

Second Place:

  • Tis Logic

Third Place:

  • KSI Shadowo45
  • KSI Dundarrach
  • KSI SiddsGODL3Y

World of Tanks

On Saturday, April 27th, our Weekend Warfare was held on World of Tanks. It was a 2v2 Deathmatch, and only tier 5 tanks were allowed!

Winners Circle

First Place:

  • KSI Taywick 77

Second Place:

  • KSI Dropshot 7
  • KSI Shadowo45

Third Place:

  • KSI ragingone86

Congratulations to all of our April winners! Thank you to the participants, as well as the viewers who took the time to come out and watch. You all are what makes this continue to happen!

Looking Ahead

This upcoming Weekend Warfare on Saturday, May 4th, will be held on Destiny 1. It is a throwback Sparrow Race type, so polish up those rides, and make sure your horns still work! We hope to see many participants in this one, and may the forth be with the best driver!

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