SYTYCW Winner: April 2019

Many people love the series “Game of Thrones”. Some can even see themselves in specific Houses. Come see who won April’s SYTYCW – It was NOT Buzzfeed!

April’s So You Think You Can Write topic was “Houses of Westeros”

We wanted to know which House of Westeros is yours. Which one represents who you are and what you’d be like if you lived in the land of ice and fire.

1st Place Winner

  • KSI Airborne 7

Read about his House:

My House: House Stark

Reasons why: 
For any who watch Game of Thrones, you know that House Stark is, or tries to be, honorable and honest even when it has cost members of this great house. Integrity and honor may not mean much to many people anymore, but I do try to live my life with these traits holding the utmost importance in my day to day personal character.

Another reason I would claim House Stark is due to their motto “Winter is Coming” Although in Game of Thrones it is usually taken literally, their motto could also be taken figuratively meaning more along the lines of being prepared for the hardships in life. If you carry yourself through life recognizing that hardships will come, it is much easier to overcome them when they arrive. My time in the military and as a law enforcement officer have definitely reinforced that same value in myself. To respect that any situation, no matter how seemingly peaceful, can come to a swift end and that “winter” will eventually arrive. Hopefully without all the snow and ice zombies. You never know.

I have an all white German Shepherd who is my own personal Direwolf, the animal that graces the sigil of House Stark. I have been on some adventures with my trusty companion, but as of yet he has not saved my life or mauled/intimidated my enemies.

Who I think will finally claim the Iron Throne:
I hope that the Iron Throne will be taken by Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen. I think this due to the fact that it is actually his birthright, but also due to the fact that he doesn’t want the power and to lead. Everyone else, including the Dragon Queen, all WANT the Iron Throne but Jon is one of the only characters that would actually rule honorably and with the intentions of doing what is best for his people.

2nd Place

  • KSI December 77

3rd Place

  • KSI Hatter 77

Many thanks to everyone who participated last month! Remember, taking part in SYTYCW earns your division points towards the Divisional Cup! Get out there and participate!

 – KSI December 77KSI Hatter 77 & the News Team

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