KSI Member Spotlight: KSI COMMANDO 7

In this edition of KSI Member Spotlight, we talk to KSI COMMANDO 7.

It is hard to learn about someone in such a short amount of time. But getting to know KSI COMMANDO 7 wasn’t like just getting to know a stranger. It was like getting to know your best friend all over again.

KSI COMMANDO 7 has recently been promoted to co-founder after being a member of KSI for more than 3.5 years.

“Leaders should make more leaders rather then followers,” KSI COMMANDO 7 said.

He wants to see growth in his squads with officers and sergeants knowing there are positions open ahead of them and that KSI is a safe and fun environment for everyone to be in.

Being a leader is a major – but tough – accomplishment you can make in KSI. He was caught by surprise about how much bigger the situations can be compared to the smaller situations faced as an officer and general.

Meanwhile, when he is not playing with his members, he is human just like everyone else. He enjoys playing Battlefield Hardline, watching Netflix, running, working on his college work, and hanging out with friends.

Just because he’s a leader does not mean he is not like you.

As Commando says, “KSI is how you make it”. Let’s see what you make of it.

Made by:  KSIxMissGiggles
Made by: KSIxMissGiggles
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