Treyarch teases Black Ops 3

Treyarch appears to be teasing the world reveal of Black Ops 3.

Following a viral marketing campaign planted in an update to Black Ops II, Treyarch appears to have announced a world reveal for the new Call of Duty on April 26.

A Youtube user posted a video planted “ghosts” through out multiplayer maps on Black Ops 2. These “ghosts” are actually the Snapchat logo.

Using QR Codes, the ghosts that were planted lead you to add a Snapchat user affiliated with Treyarch. The Snapchat channel has been periodically releasing 10-second teasers, or clips, depicting a cryptic message believed to be hinting at Black Ops 3.

To see the updates sent from the Snapchat account, click here.

To see the original Youtube video showing the planted Snapchat logos, click here.

So, this seems to refute reports earlier in the year that World at War 2 would be the Treyarch edition of Call of Duty this year.

What do you think? Are you excited for the possibility of Black Ops 3?

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