KSI Member Spotlight: KSI ArCher 7

KSI Ayeloves 7 shares a brief history of her friend, KSI ArCher 7.

On August 8, 2015, my second in command, KSI TROPHYHUNTR, and I were both playing Grand Theft Auto 5, when one of our sergeants joined saying that someone was interested in joining KSI, however he wanted to talk to some more members before deciding for certain.

He then invited someone by the name of AF ArCher. After talking to us for a bit, he told us that he would think about it. “Well, we are never going to see him again,” both Trophy and I thought.

After pondering it for two days, he decided to give KSI a chance.

His deciding factor was his interest in snipe ops, which he later took over after he became an officer. That was where he made two of his closest friends that he has had in KSI, KSI Rolfdawg and KSI Papa Sage.

“Rolfdawg, being Rolfdawg, was talking about how he was going to get the top spot. I said ‘okay, okay 1v1 me’, we 1v1ed three times and I beat him all three times, and after that we just started talking,” recalls ArCher.

A week after joining, he changed his name to KSI ArCher during a gamenight. He was instrumental in keeping that game night going for a solid 8 hours that night.

He was quick to do what he could in order to help Massacre as much as possible.

Soon after, Trophy had to step away and Archer became my right-hand man. He introduced sergeant testing that tested the sergeants on their knowledge, as well as their ability to recruit thus creating new and more active recruiters.

“The sergeant test was awkward, but it helped me out a lot.” KSI Sage recalls about the test.

Archer soon proved himself, and he soon became general of Massacre.  I told him, “don’t you dare hurt my baby,” to use as motivation to make Massacre a great place.

He easily became one of MP’s most valuable members, as KSI Sage said “He’s a good guy. He is willing to help out just about anyone.”

Just as Trophy and I trained him to every rank and helped him, he continued to not only help the members below him, but most definitely helped me with anything that I needed.

“The main officer I would talk to in the beginning was Trophy, and that is where I learned all of the basic information about KSI from.”

Through thick and thin, he stuck with KSI, pushing through every hardship.

“Keep it positive, it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows.  Sometimes you are going to have to step up to the plate to do what needs to be done,” as he would say.

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