The KSI B.o.D. Promotes Doctor and Greg

Doctor and Greg received their promotions to CTO and COS at the annual KSI Awards Show.

At the annual KSI Awards Show on Saturday, members gathered to celebrate a roller coaster ride for the community in 2016, with eyes set on a better and brighter 2017.

As members were announced as award winners and runners-up, and announcements were made to some changes and improvements in the community, two Board of Director promotions were announced.

KSI Doctor 7 and KSI Greg 7 earned their promotions to Chief Technical Officer and Chief of Staff, respectively, and were confirmed at the Jan. 8, 2017 Board of Directors meeting following years of service and dedication to KSI.

For Doctor, it was a story of resurrection. Previously the Chief Department Manager from 2015-2016, Doctor took a retirement from the Board to pursue other endeavors.

He returned just a few months later and reasserted himself as a leader in the community.

“I didn’t think anything of the sort was going to happen,” Doctor said about his promotion. “If I even had a chance of coming back in this capacity, I would think it would take at least a year, if not more. But if they feel it’s the position fit for me, I humbly accept the responsibility.”

As CTO, Doctor will be performing day-to-day duties on the forums.

“It not only encompasses my goal of being an administrator, but being the CTO has always been one of my goals. It also allows me to help the community in a capacity where I can reach out and do more things with the website and the members.”

As CTO, Doctor has plans to improve the connectivity of the forums to KSI Clan-Ops.

“[I’ll be] advocating forums activity and promoting Web-Ops from the senior leadership standpoint,” Doctor said. “There’s a major focus on Clan-Ops, but having people make a push for Web-Ops activity and our websites will help the community prosper.”

Despite his brief absence in 2016, Doctor isn’t going anywhere.

“As long as I don’t die, I think I’m good.”

KSI Greg 7 received his nomination and confirmation as KSI’s newest Chief of Staff.

The position was last held by Hall of Fame member KSI QueenJess 7 before her retirement last year.

“I never thought, when I joined KSI, that I wanted to be Chief of Staff,” Greg said. “My aim when I joined was to be a Staff Sergeant. Obviously, my goal was just to play and make friends, but KSI is sneaky and you get caught up in wanting to be more of a leader and moving up to help the community.”

As COS, Greg has several goals and priorities to improve the community, but one stands above the rest.

“My number one goal is going to get education up and running better,” Greg said. “Expanding the mentors we have and helping out with Human Resources. Training and education will be a big focus that I think will improve KSI.”

As the new Chief of Staff, Greg will be primarily overseeing the Senior Directors and advising a vision for the community to move forward.

“Part of [accepting this position] is I’m not ready to disconnect from Clan-Ops,” Greg said. “I feel there’s still more to deal with training the current leaders and helping the up-and-coming future leaders in the community.”

Despite being a Senior Director since early-2014, Greg hasn’t forgotten his roots and has advice for up-and-coming leaders in the community.

“For aspiring leaders, I would say — which I had my entire team do when I was running DM — is to invade your members lives,” Greg said.

“Connect with your members and make them untouchable, integral members of the community. When you connect with your members, there’s more understanding and attachment to the community and their fellow members.”

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