KSI Game Review: ‘Madden 17’

Every year, Madden gets better and more life-like, and this year is no different.

Once a year, EA Sports releases the newest version of Madden. This year it is Madden 17. With the NFL constantly changing, EA has quite a task ahead of them every year. This year they have added new and exciting ways to play Madden.

Before the recent changes, players were able to run the same play over and over, sometimes scoring a hundred points each game. This year, the old school blowouts are no longer possible, and the A.I. is the most noticeable change. Looking across the line at Tom Brady almost feels like the real thing.

Going in, just understand that the A.I. is probably better than you.

Another addition this year is the increase in kicking difficulty; No more easy 50 yard field goals and extra point kicks even are a challenge. With the change in the kicking game, playing Madden is definitely a more realistic experience.

Once again, as an addition, the ever popular Madden Ultimate Team has returned. In this mode, you have the opportunity to collect cards and make your ultimate fantasy team, including retired hall of fame players. Because this section of Madden requires you to collect or buy the cards before using them, it may take some dedication.

If Ultimate Team isn’t your thing, there is Connected Franchise mode. This game mode is centered around the normal NFL season, however there are many different ways you can play.

Starting your season starts off with three choices. You can choose between playing as one particular NFL superstar, playing as the coach where you will make all the team related choices, or an NFL owner where you will get to make every decision even down to rebuilding your stadium. Any of the three choices allow you to run through the regular season and chase the ultimate goal of winning the super bowl and raising the Lombardi Trophy.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a connected franchise with your friends, you can always head over to Draft Champions. This game mode allows you to start off with a starter team, and then draft 15 superstars to compliment your team. These superstars can range from mediocre players all the way up to Hall-of-Famers like Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

If none of these game types interest you, there is always the classic online head-to-head mode. In this mode, each player chooses their favorite team and squares off in a 1v1 grudge match. Also, you have the choice to play ranked or not, or to play with friends or against random human players.

With all the new additions to Madden, there really is something for everyone. From playing a simple online game with a friend, to building your own stadium and making a run at a dynasty — Madden has given you every choice imaginable.

Every year, Madden gets better and more life like, and this year is no different. Therefore, EA has outdone themselves with this years installment of Madden, and I highly recommend you go pick it up.

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