Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Impy’s LeaderShop: Problems

This week, Impy’s LeaderShop focuses on problems you may encounter as a leader in KSI.

In this week’s addition of Impy’s LeaderShop, I want to discuss problems.

Now, it’s going to seem pretty obvious, but problems are going to come up when you become a leader. And while problems when you’re a lower rank require other people to solve them, these problems require YOU to solve them.

Some people can naturally think quickly on their feet and solve problems without much contemplation.

Other people have to take a step back and analyze the issues and possible consequences.

Both approaches are appropriate at different times, but to become a well-rounded leader, you have to work on and improve both methods.

If your squad is getting hit or you have leaders walking away, taking time won’t work. Your squad(s) need leadership at that moment, not in a day or two.

But if there’s some bickering among members that’s been long standing, you can do your due diligence to find the best solution.

Another key is to be able toA? handle the magnitude of the problems. Ask any leader who has made it in KSI. At multiple points in KSI, they’ve either had to make decisions and solve problems that affected the whole division, or they had to deal with a close friend or member they may have recruited or trained.

Friendships and mentorships can be affected by the decisions you’ll be forced to make. This can take a heavy toll on you mentally. Having to discipline friends and close members can make you feel like a villain and make it feel like you’re simply severing the relationships you’ve forged.

The best way to handle this is to get you and your friends and colleagues to understand the nature of your responsibilities. There has to be mutual understanding that your job is to make decisions that are going to strengthen the squad or division. They play a role in that and they have to respect that position and do what they can to aide.

If they become a detriment to something you care about, the relationship or friendship may not be as respectful as it needs, and that can really hurt things.

So many leaders experience this and fold under the pressure of trying to make their division better while appeasing their friends. But you can have it both ways. Once again, look at the leaders who made it in KSI. In some cases, friendships had to be severed because of lack of respect from the other member. In other cases, life-long friendships continued and strengthened because of KSI.

Problems will arise, and you have to be mentally tough enough to not fold. You have to understand that you’re in your position to make KSI better. If you can’t agree to that, you should not have made it your mission to rank up and gain responsibilities.

Lastly, if you ever run into an issue that you can’t solve, go to a respected peer or mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance. Trust me, it will look better on you to ask for help in making a decision instead of rushing in to the wrong one.

A lot of people think asking for help on problems makes you look dumb or weak, but having the wherewithal to actually reach out shows just how intelligent you are.

Every day, decisions will be made that shape the future. You, as a leader, are making them. You can afford some mistakes, but you have to learn from those and improve to provide the best environment and experience you can.

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