Desmond Saga Part 4: AC Revelations

Its that time again, my Desmond Saga is nearly at a close and that’s when the story seems to get even better in this addition. I will be talking about Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, so lets get to it.

Immediately following the tragic ending of the previous game, Desmond collapses and enters a coma do to his mass guilt over the death of his love interest (Lucy). In an effort to save Desmond’s from losing his mind and going insane, he is placed back in the Animus, though is placed in a placed called the “Black Room” the animus at its basics.

Upon awakening, Desmond meets the mind of the last subject who died, who was forced by Abstergo to use the animus before him. He explains to Desmond that his mind is in chaos dealing with his own memories and his ancestors. The only way to fix this is to live through the memories until nothing is left, then Desmond can wake up from his coma when his mind has separated all the memories

Desmond enters the Animus Island’s memory portal, Ezio has traveled to the former Assassin’s fortress in Masyaf to find the true purpose of the Assassins. Upon arriving, the Templars had already taken refuge.

Ezio runs to the underground area of the castle, he finds a giant door made of an unknown material. He discovers that you need 5 circular discs to open the door. that the Templars have uncovered one and the others are somewhere in Constantinople(Istanbul).

When he arrived he is met by Yusuf Tazim,the leader of the region’s assassin order and has a delightful conversation with a scholar, Suleiman. Ezio finds out that Niccolo polo had hidden the keys. while searching for the polo long forgotten trading post, He encounters and befriends the owner of a bookstore and former Italian, Sofia. He would eventually fall in love with her and she helps Ezio to find the other keys.

Meanwhile Istanbul is in conflict because of the sons of the sultan, Selim and Ahmet , they are fighting for who will become the next sultan after the current dies. Ezio discovers that the young scholar, Suleiman reveals to him that he is the son of Selim and a prince.

He suspects the Templars are fueling this feud between them more and more. Ezio finds out that Manuel Palaiologos wishes to restore his family’s empire. Ezio kills him and grabs final key, Ezio then discovers that Ahmet is the true mastermind behind finding the keys with the purpose of opening the door.

During the finding of each key they are entwined with a part of Altaïr’s life continuing on after the first game. After killing his former mentor, He then took the Apple and became the leader of the Assassins. But Abbas, another Assassin. did not support Altaïr due to the events of the past and the killing of the mentor.

While Altair and his wfie maria had to leave the castle for 10 years to fight off the mongel invasion, coup d’etat occurred, with abbas becoming the leader of the assasins and killing the youngest son of altair, Sef. Altaïr tried to kill Abbas for that, but maria tries to stop him, while another assassin kills Maria by stabbing her.

Altaïr had to flee Masyaf with his other son. He then went into exile from the order for 20 years before finally returning.He then killed Abbas with a wrist gun, he then became the leader of the assassins once again. As Abbas is dying, Altair tells him the truth of his father’s true fate and before he dies they reconvene. Many years later he encodes memories onto the discs and gives them to Niccolo to hide them in Istanbul.

When Ezio returns from killing Manuel, He discovers Yusef had died defending Sofia from the templars and she had been kidnapped by Ahmet, He wants the keys for her life. Reluctantly Ezio agrees, he then gives chase after Ahmet and the keys. After he recovers the discs, but before he can deal with his enemy

Selim now the sultan after their father had chosen kills Ahmet for his crimes. Thanks to Suleimen, Instead of Selim killing Ezio he asks him to leave this land and never return.It returns us to island After completing this memory, The animus starts to delete the unnecessary data, subject 16 sacrifices himself so that Desmond can live and return to completing the last of his memories.

Ezio and Sofia both travel to Masyaf to open the door. Only to find that it contains Altair’s skeleton and a sixth key that is in his hand. because of the final key we discover the purpose of the library was not to contain books but Altair’s apple. Ezio learns that the former mentor had sealed himself inside the library to protect the secret from the templars.

Ezio instead of picking up the apple, he decides he has seen enough for one lifetime, As if he knows he is a conduit for relaying messages, he then talks to Desmond directly, not knowing who or where he is, knowing that he is watching. while dropping his weapons to the ground. Knowing he was meant to relay the messages not understand them. He hopes that Desmond will find the answers that he and Altair have uncovered.

Desmond is suddenly encounter by Jupiter, another first civilization member. he tells him of the methods they tried to save their collective races, He tells him of a vault that contains data that could be used to save the world, unfortunately the methods concive were not enough to save them and the solar flare destroys their civilization and most of humanity

Jupiter gives the location of the vault to Desmond and it show it is located somewhere in the state of New York and that they need to hurry because on 12.12.12 there will be another solar flare that could do the same extent of damage as before.

Desmond awakens from his coma to find his father, Shaun and Lucy around him telling them “I know what i need to do” whiles this is happening the vault underground begins to activate.

Thank you for reading and be ready because in two weeks is the last part of The Desmond Saga

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