Holiday Song Review: ‘Christmas Shoes’

KSI Alley recommends a Christmas song that has special meaning to her.

Everyone has their opinions on the festival holiday that goes by many names and sayings, but no one really talks about the music that happens around this time.

A lot of songs come around this time some great songs about something beautiful or sometimes you sit there and are asking what am I listening to. 

One song that has had an effect on me this year that has been around for 16 already is one called “Christmas Shoes”.

The song was sung by a group called NewSongs back in 2000.  The song is about a gentlemen waiting to finish his shopping on Christmas Eve, and he is waiting in line behind a young boy. This gentlemen isn’t really in the mood to be there or in the mood for this holiday.

The boy in front of him is holding a pair of shoes and the gentleman behind him is moved when he hears what the little boy has to say. He says he wants to buy the shoes for his mom and to hurry cause there isn’t much time.

The child is short on change and needs help getting the shoes for his mom. His mom has been sick for a very long time and the child wants his mom to be beautiful if she meets Jesus. 

It’s a song like no other around this season.

Most songs are remakes of older favorites or something more catchy that gets stuck in your head. I’m guessing most people know “I want a hippopotamus,” “Dominic the Donkey” and “All I want for Christmas”. Those are common songs and are often played a crap ton in December.

Songs such as “Christmas Shoes” are often left out cause they aren’t common or catchy. For some this so especially captures more about the holiday then any other song out there right now.

Personal relation to what it’s about how the persons in the song feel and just understand there’s more to the season the being all happy and getting things from people. So when listening to songs around the holidays remember the classics are good and always shall but never forgot that there are other songs out there that are more touching and reach out to people more then you think they would.

One last thing to remember giving is the best thing you can do for someone in need this season, receiving the greatest things shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. 

Do you have any holiday songs you love? Let us know and post them up in the comments.

Happy Holidays.

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