Opinion: A New KSI Director’s Creed

One of KSI’s new Directors, KSI True 7, shares her insight and plans for KSI.

Recently I accepted a promotion to director. I could not be more excited for change and improvement within this community. I know some people may not agree with this decision, but I’m here to tell you how I got here and what I intend to do.

This community has so much potential, changes and grows along with the rest of us.

When I originally recruited, I joined DM and learned directly under a former director, KSI Bandit 777.

She was a great mentor and taught me how to put my foot down, but because of her strong style of leadership, I also forced myself to learn to lead with compassion and empathy.

She ended up leaving and ripping her division of the entirety of the upper leadership, leaving myself, and shortly after, KSI W1CKED 7.

She took more then a hundred people and the more I dug my hands into DM, the more problems I found.

Myself and Wicked took that division into our hands, rebuilt each squad and officer staff, re-trained each of the generals and officers. The 7’s staff worked on simply making our division the best it could be. We forced a drastic change on a strong division and built DM up.

There are many things that can be worked on, changed, and improved, KSI wide.

The most important thing that I see is that we, as a whole, need positivity. We need to have fun and laugh, crack jokes and game together. We need to be innovative and creative as well as work as a team.

This starts with the senior leadership. The motivation works its’ way down, through each meeting, through each party, through each game night. The positivity that we, as leaders, carry, affects everyone we come in contact with.

As a team, we need to make decisions to better ourselves and the people around us and share the ideas you have to accomplish this. Leaders need to work together towards the betterment and forward movement of this community.

We should never be afraid to express your ideas and goals. Change is often looked at as a negative thing because it is different. However, in some cases, change can be a marvelous thing.

As many leaders would say, be the change you want to see.

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