Are the Co-Division Leader and Major Ranks Needed?

Are the Co-Division Leader and Major ranks needed in KSI?

There are two ranks that we know in KSI that have limited usefulness; Major and Co-Division Leader.

Even though these ranks may have limited usefulness, we can utilize them to make our lives easier.

The Major and Co-division Leader ranks could be done away with if we really felt the need to.

Major: Pros and Cons

The Major rank really has no difference from a First Captain. Both the First Captain and the Major would lead the squad with the general absent.

As of right now, we as a community do not use this rank

However, if we stick to strictly using the Major rank during squad splits, it gives the squad time to adjust to the next general. Petty disagreements between members and officers who might disagree would be handled before the squad split would even begin. Problems and chances of a failing squad split would be minimized.

Leaders throughout KSI would notice this rank, realize that the individual is nearing a squad split, and offer advise for dealing with a split and becoming a general.

Co-division Leader: Pros and Cons

The Co-division Leader rank and the Division Leader rank hold practically the same responsibilities if either is present. The highest rank in any division, Founder or higher, runs the division.

If we stick to strictly using the Co-division Leader Rank during division split, a Founder would be brought up and trained efficiently. The new Co-division Leader would have time to learn the responsibilities of a Division Leader.

Higher ranking officers would notice this rank and impart knowledge about division splits.

We as a community could survive without these ranks. Both ranks are potentially useless, but can be potentially useful when used in the correct scenarios.

Both ranks would be best utilized during squad and division splits.

Let’s say a division or a squad is about a month away from a split, we activate the rank.

Divisions and squads would feel more prepared. Splits would occur much more smoothly and efficiently.

However, simplicity makes life easier. The simpler the ranking structure, the faster we would move. We do have less members than we used to and some of the ranks have become unnecessary.

We have smaller divisions, so less ranks would mean less complication and less confusion.

Do you think these ranks should be used in KSI? Do you think we should avoid using them completely? Is your opinion a mix and match of both? Let your opinion known in the comments.

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