Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts

Despite the skepticism to this Harry Potter-related movie, the film lives up to the hype.

So this weekend, I went to see Fantastic Beasts. At first I was skeptical, because it was a Harry Potter spin off. I felt that maybe they should have let it die with the last Deathly Hallows movie.

As with any major movie franchise, they tend to beat a dead horse as long as it makes them money. I found myself getting pulled in though, and by the end I completely changed my outlook on the entire movie.

The movie focuses on a new character who travels to New York from Hogwarts territory, taking place before the events of the original Harry Potter movies. I found that this movie is very different, as it does not focus on a wizarding school.

Instead it focuses on magical creatures, an American form of the Ministry of Magic, and Grindelwald as the main villain. Some of the new characters were a bit dull in my opinion, but that is probably due to us not knowing them as much as the traditional Harry Potter characters.

I particularly found the main character’s “Non Mag” friend to be a funny character, adding a great comical touch to several scenes.

They really did a great job at living up to the name “Fantastic Beasts” as all of the creatures in the movie were absolutely out of this world.

Big, small, scary, and adorable… the beasts came in many shapes and sizes. They also did a great job with the special effects and cinematography.

I feel like the did a great job at adding a whole new magical feeling to an already excellent movie franchise.

Overall, I would say that this movie was very intriguing, and builds on to the Harry Potter story line very well.

However, I do wish they had shown the mentioned American version of Hogwarts even if for a brief part of the film. But maybe that is something we can look forward to seeing in a future film?

I hope that this film review was helpful to anyone who was wondering about this new movie, and I encourage you to get out to the theaters and experience the magic for yourself!

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