Movie Review: Black Beauty

The movie has humor, anger, and even a little heartbreak — making it a truly powerful movie.

Classic movies are something everyone agrees will stand the time of time. I know one movie that never will age for myself and will be seen as a classic for ages. This heartfelt movie was based off a book by Anna Swell known as ‘Black Beauty.’

Both the movie and the novel are written from the perspective of a horse. Both follow the horse’s life and everything he goes through.

The movie has humor, anger, and even a little heartbreak — making it a truly powerful movie. It gives you a sense of what life as an animal could be like, and how not everyone is a loving caring person.

The movie was released back in July 1994 but the actually film its self, takes place some time in the 19th century. The film is based of what England would have been like around this era. As the styles shown through out the film such as, the clothes and the style of buildings and carriages used in the scenes.

As stated earlier the movie follows the horse as he goes through owner after owner and the emotions that follow. Everything the horse feels throughout all that he goes through, all of the ups and downs of his life.

There are many similarities within the movie to thus of humans. This is probably more then you may have thought would come from a movie mainly about a horse.

Well we all go through things, some may seem perfect but darkness may be going on behind the scenes. An example of this is like our relationships with each other. How one minute someone is telling you how great a friend you are to them then going behind your back and saying how awful you are to someone else.

All the changes we go through and that happen within the movie are changes that can happen due to many reasons such as; health, people, and overall feelings for something.

Overall, the film is a classic as it just doesn’t seem to get older, it seems to revitalize our outlook on things and may even lead to deeper conclusions depending on what’s going on in your life as you watch it.

Not only is the movie eye-opening but it makes you feel something you may not have felt before.

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