Destiny’s Latest Update Raises the Bar

Bungie’s latest Destiny update includes bringing back the Ice Breaker, Sparrow racing, and Strike scoring.

Early last week, Bungie released their most recent update for Destiny. This update includes the new Sparrow Racing League, and the new version of the infamous sniper rifle “Ice Breaker”.

For those of you who didn’t play Destiny in year one, the Ice Breaker, is one of the most powerful and all around overpowered weapons in the game. With its regenerating ammunition, explosive rounds, and high damage output, there is no end to the fun.

Along with the addition of the Ice Breaker,  we are lucky enough to get Sparrow Racing along with it! That’s right, Sparrow racing! Racing around corners and through groups of enemies at breakneck speed takes skill and courage to dominate. Add in a few tricks and sick jumps, and Bungie has delivered one of the most enjoyable game types to ever grace one of their many games.

Up to six players can race against each other through checkpoints on four treacherous courses. Destiny had Sparrow racing last year, but there was only two maps and was only around for a limited time. Reputation was reset across the community so everyone can start from the same spot.

While in its third year of release, Bungie continues to add new content and keep things moving. The additions of the SRL and new exotic weapons have made everyone feel the grind all over again.

Bungie also added team scoring for the Strikes, so fireteams can now compete for glory by trying to obtain a high score during the different missions. This is a chance, possibly, for KSI’s Tournaments and Events to open up Strike competitions to see which team can be the best by overall score, instead of just keeping time from start to finish.

Everyone had better get comfortable for the near 20 hours of new gameplay required to complete the new quests and bounties. Never failing to impress, Bungie has delivered once again with this holiday update.

I hope you all enjoy the new Ice Breaker, SRL, and Strike scoring as much as I will. Happy hunting!

To read Bungie’s release of the full Destiny Update, click here.

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