Opinion: A Special Holiday Thanks to KSI

KSI Rex shares a heartfelt thanks to KSI during the holiday season.

For those who do not know me, I am not too popular with most of my family. So usually around the holidays, I keep to myself and tend to be a bit miserable. It has been an ongoing thing for me for years, but this year is different.

I joined KSI in July after moving to a new town. I was adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, which included having no friends and no social life.

Having been at the center of it all before I moved, it was hard to leave all of that behind. It was difficult to make new friends because I moved to a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Upon joining this community, I realized I had plenty of friends that I didn’t have before. Now I consider KSI like a second family.

Some of these people have been there for me through hellish situations. Situations like being in the hospital for weeks at a time in horrible pain or fighting with my real family. No matter what I was going through, they helped me through it.

So many in my squad as well as others have been so kind to me. I can only hope to return the favor every day by contributing as much as possible to our community.

Among the large list of those who have helped me through a very rough patch in my life, a few have went the extra mile. So I would love to personally thank KSI ApBlis19 and KSI PaladnMouth for being like a brother and sister to me since day one.

The two of them have supported me more than a majority of my real family ever has, and I can never thank them enough for it.

So this year I urge you all to be thankful for the people you have in your life, and be thankful for the things that you have as well. I have never been a big fan of the “Holiday Cheer,” but this year I find myself particularly grateful for the little things in life.

We often get caught up in the moment and focus on what we want or what we don’t have but if you take a step back and look at what you already have, it’s amazing how much we take for granted.

So enjoy the little things… Cherish what you have… And be thankful for family, regardless of what that word means to you!

So Happy Holidays to all of my KSI family, and I hope it is full of happiness and good fortune!

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