Halo 5’s Fallen Hero

There’s another Halo 5 teaser online with the release just weeks away.

Microsoft and 343 Studios have released another Halo 5: Guardians trailer only one month away from launch.

This time the trailer focuses on the fall of the game’s iconic hero, the Master Chief.  Through out the trailer, a spokeswoman for the UNSC reveals to the entire human race that Master Chief has died during combat.

As she speaks, scenes of various people are shown mourning the Master Chief’s death.  Through watching previous Halo 5 trailers and teasers, any fan could assume this news of the super soldier’s death is a cover up or could even possibly be the ending to Halo 5.

Maybe Spartan Locke’s team pins Master Chief into a corner and he is executed or he fights to the death so the UNSC covers it up with a heroic tale of sacrifice and valor.  It’s interesting to see how the story will play out with a focus not only on Master Chief but also Spartan Locke.

Fans will have to wait for October 27th to get there questions and interpretations answered.


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