‘Destiny’ Leaving the Xbox 360, PS3 Behind

There are big changes coming to ‘Destiny’ on Xbox 360 and PS3.

It’s a sad week for Destiny players on the Xbox 360, as the game will have to move on when Rise Of Iron releases on September 20th. Sadly the Xbox 360 content had to end one day.

Grand Theft Auto V had to do this in the past, leaving the online updates solely for the Xbox One. It is an absolute blast to play now.

But do not worry, you can still migrate onto the one. Bungie informed the audience by way of the most recent weekly update on their website that from the 16th to the 23rd of August, the final Iron Banner for the Xbox 360 had its run; it has created a gap in my heart.

Sadly, this happens due to expanding technology within many of the great games we play, as well as the fact that the older systems can’t handle it anymore.

Since the Xbox 360 had released in 2005, it’s had a great run, and its time to put it to rest and move on. Call of Duty and Halo have followed suit with this idea, due to an outside company having to port Black Ops 3 to the 360.  Then there is the fact of Halo 5 being Xbox One only.

Following an update to Destiny on the 16th of this August, which allows the next generation to accept the account importation from the 360 consoles onto its servers. The screenshot below shows how the Xbox and Playstation will split its older generation consoles.


What does this mean

Following the update mentioned above, the progress will no longer be shared between the consoles.  It has left the older gen behind, and 360 players may notice other things have disappeared, such as not being able to buy silver from the marketplace. However, you can still purchase rewards from the Eververse store with what silver is left.

Happily, you are still able to complete your moments of triumph and earn those sweet rewards until Sept 20th. But no more character data on the Bungie site.

Most of the content is still available for 360 except certain live events, such as Crimson Days, SRL, Festival of Light, and so on.

Xur will no longer sell armor pieces and weapons solely, just engrams and the other assortments of gear.

As the article started out, we have seen that Iron Banner has come and gone for the final time, as well as the last ever Trials Of Osiris last weekend

Finally, long live Destiny on the 360, for all the misery, hate, fun and laughter you have brought. You have earned a place in the hearts of the many.

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