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Game Review – Black Ops: Cold War

With the newest Call Of Duty that came out, KSI xLittio writes about the pros and cons about the game.

The Call Of Duty franchise has been around for a long time with the first game being in 2003. Some of the games go down in history as great games, and others being not so good. With Black ops: Cold War having been out for some time, will it live up to the past successors? Or will it be another terrible game that Activision pushed out too soon? In this article, we’ll talk about the setting of the game, the gameplay of what we’ve seen so far, and the overall of the game covering it altogether.

First, let us dive into the setting of the game. Black Ops: Cold War takes place in the 1980s at the close of the Cold War. The game is inspired by the events Cold War, although it is not a 100% historically accurate depiction. Cold War features locations from East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, and KGB headquarters in Moscow. Each of these locations inspired maps from each aspect of the game; Multiplayer, and the campaign. The first Zombies map in the game was a revamped version of the first zombie map in Call of Duty: World at War, which gives new players some old experiences. The setting for this ties in well with other lines of the Black Ops series and brings back the old school style rather than being “High Tech” with the previous 2 Black Ops installments having more superhuman skills, guns, and AI.

For most people in the gaming world, smooth gameplay is an essential part of any release. There’s plenty of gameplay to unpack since the game released to date. Let’s first start with one of the most used weapons of the game. There are many different weapon choices for players to select, but there are very few weapons in the game that stand out like diamonds in the rough. One great example of this is the M-16, which the gun being a 3-shot burst up close, and six shots for longer ranges. If your looking for something quicker than the MP5 would be great too; the kill time is absurdly fast for an SMG. There are other crucial parts in this game, and those crucial parts do still need some work on, like explosions. Most explosive items in the game aren’t the best, with most explosives used to kill a scorestreak. This game is still new, but much gameplay needs to be fixed and tweaked, it is going to be a bit longer till the game feels decent to play.

Black ops: Cold War was a game that felt pushed out, and it showed. Within the first month or so, the game had guns being too powerful and a game that crashes more than you can play. The company, Treyarch, has made Call of Duty games for some time now. Most of them have come made with huge issues and the game not being good at launch. That could lead some people to ask: Is it the game or the company making the game? The game now has had some improvement since its launch, but the game still does need more development. Chunks of the game need improvement. They completely broke it due to Warzone. It has people in their fifties and sixties run at the same pace as someone in their thirties and forties, with about 25 pounds of gear. It’s not impossible but does seem somewhat unrealistic.

The Call Of Duty series has its ups and downs, but this game overall is turning to be a decent game. The game follows the story after Call Of Duty: Black Ops 1 so most of the older fans are very pleased about that. The game is more so still feeling like a black ops game which makes it a blast, but that might be in the future due to how many bugs there are at this time. Going into what maps they use for far it has been a nice mix of long-range to short-range spaces, sadly though camping still works well in the game which most players aren’t a fan of. this game is out and I would highly recommend buying it and join in and get your toes in the water for your own opinion. For right now this game is still in the works and hopefully might be mostly finished sooner, rather than later. There’s still plenty of time for the developers to work on the game and make it a graphic, gameplay masterpiece. For now, the game has been a blast, and this game will most likely be another legendary entry into the Call Of Duty franchise. 

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