Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

7’s Spotlight: KSI Swag 77

KSI’s own Pickle Man recently sat down with the News Team.

The News Team and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of our new Board of Directors , KSI Swag 77. He got promoted to Chief of Staff over Clan Ops earlier this year! Swag is a pillar of the community, thankfully, despite his insatiable appetite for pickles, he was able to take the time to sit down with the News Team to answer a few questions. This interview was conducted before his promotion.

What is the best part of your rank? And why?

I can see everything as a Senior Director, this allows me to have a voice for the members, they are part of this community as well and it’s vital to have their take on things.

What experiences have you had while rising through the ranks? Any favorites?

My first time it was quiet. I was mentoring and splitting FI into TI. These two events are my favorite experiences of being in the community. I was able to see the leadership emerge from those divisions, it was one of the most influential and humbling times for me.

Would you do anything differently?

I would have liked to be more vocal and more confident in my leadership. The first time I was in the community, I tried my best to be everyone’s friend. I quickly found out that was not how to go about moving up in the community.

Who was your role model as a “younger” officer (i.e. SSGT, LT, CPT)? And who is your role model now?

KSI Azreal! He was always there for me even when I became a 7. He taught me how to be a leader the right way. To be honest with you, I don’t have a role model now.

What is your why?

My why is being there for the members, seeing Clan Ops grow, watching people grow. I love to bring positivity into any game chat, as well as having fun while gaming. We are a gaming community, after all, we are supposed to have fun!

What advice do you have for future leaders? Any tip or tricks?

Just do it right! Be yourself, you do not get there because you know it, you get there for the work you put in. Remember to be motivated, you must do more and be there for the members.

How do you train & mentor the leaders beneath you to help them grow?

I have the members focus on their weaknesses, those are the things we need to work on. I also am there to help guide them. It’s not easy going up the ranks so a helping hand is always best!

Favorite KSI memory?

Getting my 7 for the first time. It took me almost 2 years to get my 7! I was working so hard, and then I end up getting promoted on my birthday, as a birthday present! It surprised me so much, however it was still fun!

Have you ever had a moment where you doubted yourself?

We all do, that’s part of leadership and part of being human. I have doubted myself especially being a divisional leader, but you have to make a decision. With that, you will question that decision, and that’s okay, it’s natural.

Swag had one more piece of advice for the members:

Stay motivated and have fun! Motivation is key to strive for. I have been here for 7, almost 8 years. I love KSI and it can get stressful, but it’s worth it. If you keep pushing you will see the fruits of your labor.

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