Fall Classic 2019: Day 3 Recap

Day Three of FC19 results are here! Read on.

Day 3 of the Fall Classic has arrived with two very different events featured. Apex Legends- Speed Runs and Karaoke! Two fan favorites and it’s all for your viewing and gaming pleasure! Get AMPED and check it out!

Karaoke – One Hit Wonders

  • Event Hosts: KSI YeetQueen & KSI Uppish
  • Judges: KSI xKing77 & VENUM 7
  • Streamer: KSI Trixie

Mic Check!

What an entertaining night as people from all over KSI came to watch the karaoke event. There was a lot of talent present as contestants stepped into the live stream to sing their hearts out. Big shoutout to the hosts, judges and streamer for all doing a fantastic job of creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. They even sang us a few extra songs at the end! Here is the lineup from tonight’s event:

KSI DCrunk (SL) – Fireflies – Owl City
CowMcMooMoo – (WD) Good Lord – Birds of Tokyo
KSI Durty (DW) – Hopeful – Bars and Melody
KSI WHISKEY82 (DM) – Man of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys
KSI Siren82 (DM) – Torn – Natalie Imbroglia
KSI HATTER 77 (ES) – Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
KSI LEGION (WD)- No Diggity – BlackStreet
KSI ROGUELSG88 (SL) – Howie Day – Collide
KSI WINTER1619 (ES) – Never Had A Dream Come True Thanks – S Club 7
R3FL3X (DL) – Charlie Daniels- Devil Went Down To Georgia

  • 1st Place: (SL) RogueLSG88 7
  • 2nd Place: (DM) KSI Siren82
  • 3rd Place: (DW) Durty

Buy Our Mix-tape!

Everyone who participated did an excellent job of shaking off the nerves and singing their songs for the world to hear. RogueLSG88 had us awe struck with his guitar playing skills and vocal caress. While KSI Siren82 hit us with a nostalgic and beautiful version of Torn. All sang well and made this event an absolute joy to tune in to. Perhaps we will sell out of mix-tapes, I know I’d be a buyer. Especially if they put KSI YeetQueen’s version of “Part Of Your World” on it!

Article by KSI WHISKEY82

Apex Legends – Speed Run

  • Event Host: KSIGinObiWan, KSI FearTheSLnC and KSI Galahad 7

Droppin’ Mags

Trying something new for this year’s Fall Classic, Apex Legends was added to the line up. But there are no private matches in Apex! Each Division entered teams of 3 to compete in the event. They were then given 2 hours to play as many matches as they could to accumulate as many points as possible. Screen shots were used to determine these scores.

Points were awarded for:
Top 3 placement (1 point)
Top 2 placement (2 points)
Champion of the Arena (5 points)
Every team member that gets 5+ Kills (1 point)
Every team member that gets 10+ kills (2 points)

  • 1st Place: (DL) KSI Akame 7, KSI Shadow007 and KSI DropShot 7
  • 2nd Place: (ES) KSI Torch096, RUSTYMARSHMELLOW and KSI Tempest115
  • 3rd place: (WD) KSI X Rogue, RomeEmpererNero and KSI CryBaby

Champions Of The Arena

At the end of the night, much math was done (thanks T&E!) and the winners prevailed. With a 7 point lead DL took first place, coming ahead of ES in second and WD in third. Congrats to the winners and thank you to all who competed! Hope you all had a blast!

Article by KSI SIREN82

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