Fall Classic 2019: Day 2 Recap

Day Two of Fall Classic 2019 is in the books! Check out what happened here.

A new day dawns here in KSI and it can mean only one thing, DAY 2 of Fall Classic! Read on to see who came out victorious tonight as we slay our way through some Black Ops 4 Heist and Halo 5 CTF!

Black Ops 4 – 4v4 Heist

  • Event Hosts: KSI DropShot 7, KSI AtomXGen, SephirothXC
  • Streamer: KSI Trixie

Guns And Glory

Game 1

KSI Uppish’s DM team took on KSI Folkstyle’s WD team in the first streamed game of the night. DM went into this raring to win it, taking the first round 4-1. They then swept the second round to take their first win.

Game 2

KSI Uppish’s DM went up against KSI Shadow007’s DL in this tense match-up that went the full three rounds. DL started out strong, taking the first round, but DM came back to win the next two rounds 4-2 with KSI Uppish claiming the final shot of the matchup. Unfortunately, the team had to step down at this point and KSI Shadow007’s team moved on to the next match-up.

Game 3

Determined to prove they should still be in it, KSI Shadow007’s DL took on KSI LeviMOFB’s SL. DL came in strong after their loss taking the first round in 4 matches. It looked like SL was storming back, taking the first 2 matches of the next round, but DL once again came back with a vengeance and took the round 4-2. KSI Shadow007’s cohorts proved themselves a force to be reckoned with heading into the finals.

Game 4

In a second DL and SL matchup, KSI Shadow 007’s team took on KSI DaKeechZ03’s team. The final battles took place on the Nuketown map. It’s a tight map, with contact zones everywhere that intensified this already strong match-up. This truly was a fantastic pairing, filled with tense moments that the score just can’t convey. DL was able to sweep the first round. It then appeared as though SL was going to take their turn sweeping the second round themselves. In a surprise twist, DL came back from a 3-0 deficit to take the whole tournament.

  • 1st Place: (DL) Captain: KSI Shadow007, KSIGinObiwan, R3FL3X SZN, and KSI Dundarrach
  • 2nd Place: (SL) – Captain: KSI DaKeechZ03, KSI Sassy, KSI okii boii, and KSI GimReapers
  • 3rd Place: (DM) – Captain: KSIxTHOR, KSI XLVS, KSI Warf, and xUSBx

Left Standing

DL may have won it all tonight, but the bracket was full of phenomenal competitors. The talented crews gave us tense moments of bloody carnage and mayhem, keeping us wondering who would come out on top. Ultimately KSI Shadow007’s DL took first, KSI DaKeechZ03’s SL came in second and, although we didn’t get the opportunity to see their wins on the stream, KSIxTHOR’s DM team took third place. Congratulations to all, well fought!

Article by KSI Siren82

Halo 5 – 4v4 Capture The Flag (Double Elimination)

  • Event Hosts: KSI Akame 7, KSI Galahad 7
  • Streamer: KSI MeShell 7

Master Chief Says

Game 1

While it got off to a slow start, we were not disappointed by the wait. The first teams were KSI Vonner 7’s team, representing ES, against KSI Jamcam and WD. They played furiously, including a rocket launcher double kill by Vonner. With an early first capture Vonner’s team took an early lead followed by another capture by KSI Frybread, and a final nail in the coffin from the team captain. Blue team was hungry for this early win and it showed, giving them a boost to their confidence for their next round. It was a valiant effort by WD but ES came to prove their determination right from the beginning and came through with a second round win. It was a blowout round for ES winning the first two in a two out of three best match up.

Game 2

The next round was KSI Vonner 7, eager to prove DM’s staying power, against KSI YeetQueen from DW. An early sneak attack took away Vonner’s attempt at a capture. BoundingCoast50 of ES was the first to score in a steady but erratic bout of gunfights, followed quickly by another capture, setting the pace for his team. Vonner’s team took the win that round. The second battle was more a game of cat and mouse, but ES prevailed yet again. The highlight of this round was spectacular slaying sprees by KSI Torch096 with a sword.

Second Chance Bracket Matchups

These were exciting matchups that first had Jamcam’s WD and YeetQueen’s DW facing off. YeetQueen nabbed the final capture of a close and hard fought game to take the win for DW. YeetQueen’s crew was then pit against KSI FatsMcgee’s DM team. KSI Gruntier 7 for DW lead the lobby in kills for the match, but DM took the win and moved on to face Vonner 7’s ES.


The final battle came down to ES and DM. It was an exciting struggle to watch. Both teams fought hard for the win, but ultimately DM took first place in this battle and the competition overall.

  • 1st Place: (DM) KSI FatsMcgee, KSI DK 7, KSI COUNTDUKEU, and KSI WinterMoth
  • 2nd Place: (ES) KSI Vonner 7, KSI Torch096, KSI Frybread, and BoundingCoast50
  • 3rd Place: (DW) KSI YeetQueen, KSI Gruntier7, KSI FRUITY B, and KSI SorrowValen

When The Dust Settled

This was an exciting event to watch, with many talented gamers participating. Congratulations to everyone for their awesome efforts! The teams all slayed it! A special shoutout to DM on their big win today! Catch the action-packed replay on the KSILive Twitch Channel.

Article by KSI RezMeIn5

Don’t Forget!

Fall Classics Forums Challenge is still live! If you haven’t done so already, head on over to the forums and vote for your Div. Don’t forget to leave a comment after you vote!

Current standings show WD out front with 31% of the votes, DM in second place with 20% and ES in third place with 19% of the communities votes.

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