Fall Classic 2019: Day 4 Recap

Fall Classic 2019 is over! Congrats to the winning teams for a well-won victory.

It’s the final day of our Fall Classic event and let me just say that everyone has done an amazing job! From participants, to Departments and the community as a whole.

The gameplay has been top notch and we’ve seen so much talent and integrity throughout! Tonight we feature Black Ops 4 Gun Battles and a closing ceremony that are both sure to be epic!

Black Ops 4 – Gun Battles TDM

  • Event Hosts: KSI Itachii and KSI Shadow007
  • Streamer: KSI MeShell 7

Bullets & Body Bags

Tonight’s Black Ops 4 Gun Battles brought an interesting twist on the usual Call of Duty line ups. The rules stated that a specific gun type is chosen ahead of time and both teams have to use the designated gun in this TDM style mash-up! Then two teams face off in 4v4 matches and whoever gets the best 2/3 advances to the next round.

Divisional Face-offs

We saw some highlights tonight in the LMG battle DM took down DL in a 2/2 game sweep. Game two featured KSI SnowQueen smashing the competition with an astonishing 4.20 Kill/Death Spread!

In the battle with ES vs DL: The first match was a lot of back and fourth. Ultimately DL pulled in the lead by an inch and won both of the matches

In the battle with ES vs WD: The first game had a lot of back and fourth action. WD barely won with a score of 78 to ES’s 65. WD was thrown for a loop in game 2 with a Sniper battle and ES ended up beating them out for the next two rounds taking the victory on this round.

The final match up was DL against ES for the championship. The teams fought hard! KSI SnowQueen once again racked up a huge kill count at 30 kills and pulled in the win for DL in this tournament!

  • 1st Place: DL
  • 2nd Place: ES
  • 3rd Place: WD

Closing Ceremony

Divisional Hall of Fame winners were announced during the Gun Battles. The Forums Challenge finally came to a close. The last matches of Fall Classic 2019 were fought and to everyone’s excitement the winners of Fall Classic were announced.

Divisional Hall Of Fame Inductees

  • KSI MeShell 7 (Demonic Mayhem)
  • KSIDntAskImAwfl (Demonic Mayhem)
  • KSI Majesty (Divine Warriors)
  • KSI Harmony 7 (Divine Warriors)
  • KSI Hatter 77 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Jynxie 7 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Barb130 (Eternal Souls)
  • KSI Swagg 7 (Last Strike)
  • KSI Grifful 7 (Sovereign Legacy)

Forums Challenge

To celebrate our Annual Fall Classic we had the ever popular Forums Challenge that closed today. All together this poll had a total of 349 votes from the members of KSI! Congratulations to WD for winning the Forums Challenge with an impressive 100 votes! Second place was DM at 85 votes and Third place ES with 69 votes.

The Final Countdown

Congratulations to DM and ES for winning Fall Classic 2019 with a tie of 18 points each!

  • 1st Place Winner: Demonic Mayhem & Eternal Souls
  • 2nd Place: Dark Legions
  • 3rd Place: Divine Warriors and Wicked Destruction
  • 4th Place: Sovereign Legacy

Article by KSI Harmony 7

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