Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Don’t Feel The Burnout

Giving 100% all the time can be hard. If you’ve ever been burned out, you know this. Help each other avoid it before it hits!

KSI is a large, well-oiled gaming community with many parts. Clan Ops, Department Ops and Web Ops to name a few. How does such a large scale community manage to run so smoothly? With the dedication of many like minded passionate gamers just like you and I!

It takes a lot of work to keep this amazing family running seamlessly. For those of you actively contributing your time, effort and passion into KSI, I wanted to take some time and discuss some helpful hints and tips to prevent burnout.

Recognizing Burnout

We all love our KSI family and want to help if we’re able. Sometimes it can be hard. Real life responsibilities such as jobs, children, other hobbies and social life can be fairly draining. Yet we still have people relying on us here, in this community and we don’t want to let them down.

If you’re ever feeling stressed personally or like you just need a small break, that’s okay! We all – and I do mean ALL – get burned out from time to time. Here are some ways to combat that burnout and even to fight its onset.

Personal Time

Go ahead! Schedule it in! I promise, nobody is going to be upset if you schedule in some free time to relax. We all need it and frankly, we all deserve it! Talk to your leaders and get yourself some time to do whatever makes you happy. KSI understands and can work around your needs. It doesn’t make your contributions less valuable, it just makes you like the rest of us. So please take care of you and yours first!

Know Your Limits & Communicate

We’ve all been here – in KSI and in life in general. Someones asking you to take on a task or asking something of you and in the back of your mind your thinking, “Dang it, I want to help, but I just don’t think I have the time or energy at the moment.” Believe me, we can all relate to that feeling and BECAUSE we can all relate to it, it is very easy for our leaders in KSI to understand it.

So please, be vociferous! Communication is the biggest thing here. Tell your leader, “Hey, I’d really like to help out but I am feeling a bit stretched thin at the moment.” We all do our best work when we are rested and stress free. Taking care of yourself will ultimately make you a more valuable asset in KSI and in life in general. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first every once in awhile and take care of you!


One of the wonderful things about KSI is that you’re never alone. Somebody is always available to help and usually excited to do so. Have a lot on your plate? Perhaps asking others to help you out can alleviate some stress or pressure. We are all here to help this family and each other. Reach out, ask for help. We got you!

LOA’s (Leave of Absence)

Something major happen? Life needs your attention at the moment? No worries, we’ve got you covered! KSI has an LOA (leave of absence) system in place for exactly these kinds of situations. Let your leaders know you need a week off to straighten some things out or to enjoy a much needed vacation. Again, communication is the key. Speak to your leaders about LOA and how to go about taking one. We will all be here for you when you get back!

You Matter!

I hope you all realize that YOU are important to KSI. As much as KSI is important to you, we don’t want anyone to feel stressed or burnt out. We all came here for different reasons and we all stay for the same reasons – the community and the members.

KSI is a place to have fun, meet new people and grow in the community. And the community cares about you! So stay safe and take care of yourself.

Until next time, this is KSI WHISKEY82. Feel free to hit me up on Discord (KSI WHISKEY#0642) with questions, comments or even ideas for articles you would like to see me tackle in the future!

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