R6 Siege: Operation Ember Rise

Operation Ember Rise. Are you ready?

It’s time again! The R6 Siege team at Ubisoft is preparing us for yet another Operation. Ember Rise is the update bringing many new changes to the game. I am here to highlight the most interesting changes and additions coming to one of our favorite tactical shooters! We are still awaiting an official release date on this content.

New Operators

Perhaps one of the most anticipated parts of a new Operation on Siege are the New Operators. We are looking at two new additions this release.


Amaru is the Peruvian APCA unit attacker coming to R6. She is a medium 2 speed and has medium level 2 armor. Amaru comes equipped with the G8A1 LMG (the same LMG used by the Operator IQ) and the Supernova Shotgun (also available for SAT operators Hibana and Echo). She has the Claymore and the Stun grenade available for her gadgets. Secondary weapon options are the ITA12S Shotgun (also available for Mira) and the SMG-11 (also available on Sledge).

The real point of interest in any new Operator is their gadget! Amaru brings us an unique and interesting gadget called “The Garra Hook”. With the Garra Hook you can grapple into barricaded windows, onto ledges and hoist yourself into interesting places. She deploys the grapple and flies toward your specified destination. This gadget gives her a special maneuverability no other Operators have seen in this game. Amaru also has the unique ability to go upward into a hatch which has previously not been a possibility with any other Operators.


Goyo is the new Operator from the Mexican FES unit. Goyo is the new defensive Operator coming to the game. He is also a medium 2 Speed and 2 armor Operator. His primary weapon options are the Vector .45 ACP SMG (the same gun that shreds when used by Mira) and the TCSG12 shotgun (also available to Kaid). His gadget options are the Nitro Cell and Impact Grenades. He only has one secondary, the P229.

Deployable shields in general are getting a complete re-work featuring small plexiglass windows you can see through and a new snap-to-doorway feature, along with a whole new look! Goyo’s Special gadget, the Volcán Shield, looks like a normal deploy-able shield upon first glance. However, this is actually a special shield with an Incendiary Core attached to the inside of the shield. When shot there is a similar explosion to the Capitao crossbow shot; it releases an AOE explosion that lingers and causes extensive damage to anyone in it’s wake. This explosion affects friend or foe, so calculating the right time to set the shields off is very imperative while using this Op. The Volcán Shield is immune to IQ detection, EMP grenades and Twitch Drones.

Kanal Map Rework

A new trend has started with the R6 team!nThey are starting to re-work the maps that are 3 plus years old to bring their style up to par with the new maps! Kanal is getting a huge facelift this time. The very large (by Siege standards) map is rather spread out currently – there are more windows then anyone could care to count. There are two large separate buildings and currently only one linking bridge. They are adding an additional bridge as well as additional staircases to add more of a flow and allow for a general ability for better player rotation. Lastly, they are re-working the bomb objective spawns to make for slower, more thought-out warfare.


Year 4 brings us highly anticipated Battlepasses! They are starting small with a “Mini Battle Pass”. They named it affectionately: “Call Me Harry.” after the R6 Director. This Mini Pass is completely free to the R6 players. As you play you’ll earn Battle Points which can be turned in to unlock Tiers and Awards including a little “Harry Chibi.”

New Playlist: Unranked

Unranked is the training ground for the Ranked Playlist. Same rules and regulations, no worries about “how this will affect your rank”. This is an effective way to get used to the Pick and Ban phases that are now a part of the Ranked Playlist. Ranked penalties DO apply here so stick to casual if you want to be able to leave your game on a whim.

And much, much more…

This update is also bringing a change in map rotations, player behavior updates, New Operator Menu, Shop Interface updates. The Situations are getting a work up to nurture the idea of playing Terrorist Hunt as a warm up to the standard online matches. Mira is getting her own Elite set!

Mira Elite Uniform

Many fixes, balancing operators and changes in gadgets are also included. We are all looking forward to the new Season and the fun challenges that come with new Operators. I know I am strongly anticipating a release date for all of this fun!

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