KSI Newsletter: September 2019

Our September Newsletter is about as full as your bladder will be three hours into a corn maze. I hope you brought snacks.

Fall is here. (insert excitement)

Fall Classic 2019 is this month. (insert even more excitement)

Apparently Apple Spice Lattes are better than PSL’s? (insert a long pause…)

Fall Classic 2019

Fall Classic – September 2019

KSI’s annual Fall event is coming soon! Grab your Uggs and hoodies and get ready for a fun-packed weekend on Xbox! We’ve got an exciting event lineup PLUS Fall’s Divisional Hall of Fame nominations and inductions.

Fall Classic – Divisional HoF Nominations

Twice a year, KSI nominates and inducts certain deserving members into the Divisional Hall of Fame. During the period of time leading up to Fall Classic, members can post their nominations right here on the forums! Read about the HoF Nomination process here. 

Make sure you nominate those in your own division who you believe are worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame! 

Divisional Hall of Fame Nominations

Fall Classic – Event Schedule*

Day 1 – Thursday 9/26

  • Prominence Poker (7’s Event) – Ring Tournament
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Overtime Rumble

Day 2 – Friday 9/27

  • Black Ops 4 – 4v4 Heist Tournament
  • Halo 5 – 4v4 Capture The Flag Tournament

Day 3 – Saturday 9/28

  • Apex Legends – Speed Run Tournament
  • Karaoke – Theme TBD

Day 4 – Sunday 9/29

  • Black Ops 4 – Gun Battles TDM
  • Closing Ceremony – Divisional Hall of Fame announcements & Community News

Social Media

You gotta keep up to date on what happens. You KNOW you do. Plug into all KSI’s Social Media outlets to stay informed about Fall Classic as it unfolds!

  • KSIGlobal.org (Detailed event information and recaps)
  • Twitter – @KSIGlobalGaming (Event information, score updates, divisional standings, special announcements)
  • Instagram – KSI Global Gaming (Screenshots, announcements, updates)
  • Facebook – KSI Global Gaming (Announcements, updates)
  • Twitch – KSILive (Live event streams and Closing Ceremony)
  • YouTube – KSI Global Gaming (Tournament footage, clips, montages, recorded stream footage)

*Schedule and events are subject to change

2019 Divisional Cup

2019 Divisional Cup

Here are the point totals for each division so far:

Current Div Cup Standings

  • Dark Legions: 208
  • Demonic Mayhem: 439
  • Divine Warriors: 330
  • Eternal Souls: 541
  • Last Strike: 92
  • Sovereign Legacy: 317
  • Wicked Destruction: 347

Here’s a snapshot of all the ways members can earn Div Cup points in September:

The DOUBLE POINTS category for September is Education! Keep an eye out in the Education section for LEAD classes to be posted.

Message KSI Scotland 7 for more information!

Department Operations


So You Think You Can Write – September 2019

September’s SYTYCW topic is “Your Event, Your Way”. Make a submission AND earn points for your division. Head to the News section to post today!

News Applications are always open! We’re looking for members who aren’t afraid to talk about how they feel and what they think. The News Team uses KSIGlobal.org to operate, create content and write articles.

Message KSI December 77 for more information!

Social Media


Instagram LMR – September 2019

September’s Instagram LMR will be live from September 13th – September 15th! Follow the KSI Instagram and starting on 9/13, like and comment on the most recent post to earn your division Div Cup points! (Include your gamertag & division when you post.)


The Septmber Twitter Blitz will be live during the 3 days leading up to Fall Classic 2019! Dates are 9/23 – 9/25. Follow the KSI Twitter – @KSIGlobalGaming – and reply to the Twitter Blitz topic when it goes live on the 23rd. Members will have three days to earn points for their division by participating!

Message KSI December 77 for more information!


Clan Ops Leadership, be on the ready! Divisional Of The Month Nominations will be posted from September 13th – September 27th. It’s an awesome opportunity to nominate members in your division and recognize them for their contributions to KSI!

Keep an eye on the AAP section – OTM award winners will be announced soon and AAP Staff applications will be opening later this month.

Message KSI AIRBORNE 7 for more information!


The Upload Studio Montage Competition and Clip Submission will both be open from September 4th – September 25th.

The Montage Request Area is back! Please use the Montage Request Form if you’d like to request a montage. Any montage created will go on the KSI YouTube Channel! https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/34579-montage-request-form/

Message KSI MeShell 7 for more information!

Tournaments & Events

Weekend Warfare Tournament signups will be posted soon! Keep a lookout in the T&E section.

September Weekend Warfares –

  • September 7th – Minecraft Hunger Games
  • September 14th – Overwatch 3v3 Deathmatch
  • September 21st – PUBG Duos
  • October 5th – Community Choice Poll (Worms, Destiny 2, Uno (Console Edition) and Brawlhalla are the choices)

Message KSI DropShot 7 or KSI Galahad 7 for more information!

Performance Operations

Community Development Committee and Specialist Training Program applications are open! We are looking for dedicated and knowledgeable members of the community. Go apply today!

September’s Discussion of the Month is all about the Join & Rejoin Sections! Many members join the community using the Join & Rejoin area on the forums. It is an essential part in making sure people are cleared in aspects of relations of other communities and security purposes. The Performance Officers would like to hear your opinion and your answers to these questions!

If you haven’t already, check out Performance Op’s Weekly Advice Topic! It’s a great thread to read for weekly advice and insights.

Message KSI VENUM 7 for more information!

For more information about the KSI Newsletter or KSI Social Media, please message KSI December 77

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