Dealing with Squeakers and Screamers

A few tips on how to navigate a couple different gamer types online, contributed by KSI xAchillesx.

The following article was contributed by KSI xAchillesx.

If you are like me, one of the reasons I was drawn to KSI was the chance to get away from the ‘squeakers and screamers’. You know those immature gamers who make it their goal to ‘bark or bite‘ everyone in the game. As KSI gamers we all adhere to a Code of Conduct that when followed, can help create a gaming community or gaming experience that is enjoyable for all.

Nobody should be annoyed, demonized or hounded by angry, aggressive or oppressive player predators. Learning a few gamer skills can help disarm potentially explosive situations or help younger players evolve into potential KSI recruits.

Regarding Squeakers

Remember the younger they play…the longer they stay. Even though 15 is the starter age limit for most KSI squads, we still can have a positive influence on the younger gamers we come in contact with during matchmaking.

By our example, we encourage and equip young players to build gaming skills and positive attitudes that will make them valuable potential KSI recruits down the road.

Your interaction with kids now, will contribute to their view of KSI and influence wether they will be ‘more or less’ interested in joining in the future.

Showing respect no matter what someone’s age, says more about you than anything else.

Regarding Screamers

Some players seem like they are one burger from a heart attack. They rant and rail on everyone, disrespect others and blather on and on at a pace and volume that would make multiple brain freezes more preferable than listening to them. So what do you do when you are dancing with some digital devils online?

In most cases, use the “mute” more than your “mouth” when dealing with annoying or antagonistic gamers. Responding or confronting just ignites more attitude, like pouring gasoline on a fire.

But in some situations, I do think there’s a place for standing up to the console creeps and defending other players who are getting treated poorly. I’ve gained a few friends from them hearing how I handle these typical gaming situations. You gain respect by being cool and handling yourself like a pro vs a punk.

Little minded people are always trying to make other people smaller than themselves. It’s a learned behavior that reflects someone who really wants to be liked but has chosen to “hit more than hurt” as a defensive posture. Often the ones that act like jerks, are really the ones looking for friends, they are just too immature to recognize their own issues.

Xbox Live encourages people to respond to problem people and preferred players too. KSI gamers should be known for their skill in game play and the way they act when gaming. So speak up when it’s appropriate and disengage when it’s obvious that the other person has no intention on being civil.


You represent KSI and “Knowing” what to do in advance, equips you with the “Strength” to deal with whatever situation you face and the “Integrity” to handle others as you would want to be treated.

The KSI News Team thanks KSI xAchillesx for this contribution and welcomes every KSI member to contribute articles by contacting Impy.

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