Calling all Trekkies: Star Trek Online is on the XbOne

Star Trek: Online, a long-running PC game, has ported onto the Xbox One.

Calling all Trekkies

Have you ever wanted to pilot your very own starship, ever wanted to fight in the dark of space. Are you a fan of Star Trek? Well here is some good news!

Star Trek: Online, a long-running PC game has ported onto the Xbox One, and with that brought along everything the PC version had and more.

Straight at the men, you can choose the option of playing as one of three factions. The Federation (Good guys), Klingon Empire (Bad guys), then with an upcoming update, The Romulans (Middle ground of morals). I had to side with the Federation, as I  wanted to be able to pilot the Enterprise because of its presence and status in the Star Trek universe.

For each of the factions, there are different ranks.  As you progress at each milestone (every ten levels or ranks), you can obtain a new starship. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get other, or even better ships, such I as happened to get.

As you progress through the game, classic characters from the Star Trek universe start to pop up in cameos as well the traditional enemies from all quadrants such as the Borg, the Cardassians, Klingons and much more.

Good Thing

Possibly the best part of this would have to be, the free to play aspect. But you have to realise that the game is funded by microtransactions, which I have said in the past ruin many games but have to include them. Thankfully in the game, its true but only partially. They can add in classic ships from the universe; it gives a gigantic hint of nostalgia such as the USS Prometheus (a ship that can split into three separate compartments)

As I had written this review, there had been a new lockbox introduced. Which can give you a random selection of gifts when you open it, which could be anyting. This time that being the new Enterprise from the recent movies. In the next couple of days, or maybe a week. I will be publishing a review of a group of Federation ships, and help give an insight to the type of ships in this fantastic game.

Hope you enjoyed this small article, time to beam out

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