Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Q&A with KSI PaladnMouth

KSI xSpartacusx brings us another enjoyable Q&A session with his good friend, KSI PaladnMouth.

People really seem to be enjoying these Q&A articles, so here goes another one! This time I am interviewing one of my best friends in KSI, who is a Lieutenant here in Paragon LS. He has a wacky sense of humor and is one of the most caring guys I know. So ladies and gents, allow me to give you all a chance to get to know KSI PaladnMouth!

Question : So tell me, how long you have been in KSI?
Answer : Four months. But it feels like it’s been forever.

Question : What is one of your favorite things about being in KSI?
Answer : The fact I have people I consider to be like family, and being able to protect and help them.

Question : Tell me a great memory you have from your time in KSI.
Answer : Yelling LEEEERROOOOOYYYYYY JENNNNNKINNNNS in lobbies, and hearing people’s reactions.

Question : When you first joined, did you expect to be an officer?
Answer : I wanted to be an officer and help out when I could.

Question : How long have you been a LT?
Answer : A little bit over a month.

Question : Do you enjoy being a LT in Paragon?
Answer : Yes I do, because Tacos.

Question : What is your favorite thing about being an LT?
Answer : Being able to host workshops and help out the squad in a variety of ways.

Question : Do you see yourself moving up from LT someday?
Answer : Yes, I have been working very hard to work my way up through the ranks so I can help make KSI better.

Question : What is the hardest part about being an LT?
Answer : I wouldn’t say there’s a hard part, I enjoy it. I help our Staff Sergeants with keeping the squad running smoothly and it hasn’t really been difficult.

Question : So, let’s talk about the guy on the other side of the controller. Where are you from?
Answer : California

Question : What other hobbies do you have besides gaming with your awesome squad?
Answer : I’m known for beatboxing some awesome beats. I also enjoy playing trumpet. I love gaming in general on all kinds of games. I also used to do triple jump for track.

Question : What is your favorite food?
Answer : Bleach… but it has to be Clorox. I’m a top shelf kinda guy. (Just kidding, it’s chicken enchiladas.)

Question : What kind of music do you like?
Answer : I like everything except for Country and some Mexican music. I really like German House, Acid Trance, and Disco. I also enjoy John Williams (Star Wars etc.) and the music from the Hobbit.

Question : Name one of your favorite movies?
Answer : Tyler Perry movies are great. Madea is the s***!

Question : What are some of your life goals?
Answer : I wanna be a video game programmer and Beta tester. I also wanna make my way higher into KSI so I can be the dad that you deserve, not the dad that you need.

Question : What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Answer : A man pulled a gun on a lady and her kid so I stood between them and he told me he was gonna shoot me. I told him it was worth it to save them and he put the gun down.

Question : If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for?
Answer : A KSI Paragon mansion where my squad could live together and game together in an awesome and friendly environment.

Question : Did you enjoy being interviewed?
Answer : After this, I thinkA?I’m going toA?need some bleach to celebrate! But yes, I did.

So as you can see, this guy has a great sense of humor, and is genuinely a great guy. He doesn’t hesitate to help and protect others, even if that means putting himself in a sticky situation. He does alot for our squad, and has been there for me in times of need as well. I hope you all enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about another great member of KSI!

I love doing Q&As, so please… if you are reading this and wanna suggest someone in KSI I should interview, contact me! My GT is KSI xSPARTACUSx and my kik is ThatJubezGuy. I would love some ideas of people to interview outside of my squad and departments!

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