Announcing: KSI Spring Break 2017

Announcing KSI Spring Break 2017 and a few other news and notes!

We’ve got an awesome event coming for all of KSI and it is already sort of underway!

From Friday, April 7 through Sunday, April 9, we’re holding the first ever KSI Spring Break.

The three-day event will be hosted by KSI Tournaments and Events and will feature several small Free-For-All tournaments with prizes for the winners, a few divisional events to see which divisions have the most spirit, and it will be a great time.

The Calendar event for Spring Break can be found here.

The theme of Spring Break is “Sword Fights.”

The Schedule

Friday, April 7

  • Halo 5 3 v. 3 Sword Griffball
  • Black Ops 1 Free-For-All Knife Fight (w/ Tomahawks)

Saturday, April 8

  • Halo: Reach Overshield Free-For-All Sword Fight
  • For Honor 2 v. 2 Elimination

Sunday, April 9

  • Divisional Minecraft Highlight Reel

Divisional maps for Minecraft due by March 26 to be judged and recorded.

All sign-ups for these tournaments will be posted in the T&E Section of the forums starting the last week of March.

Other News and Notes


We’re utilizing the Calendar on the forums now for you all to stay apprised of events when they happen. Productions, Weekend Warfare and our bigger KSI events will all have things denoted on the calendar.

You can always know when a KSILive stream on Twitch will be up so you can join in, or you can check the entire monthly listing of Weekend Warfare events before sign ups are even posted!

You can also see when Spring Break is, or when KSI Ascend 7’s Friday-night Happy Hour will be, and what game and guests will be featured!

You can get to it by clicking Browse on the Forums, then selecting Calendar, or you can go to the following link:

Live Stream Section

You can also check out the status of KSI Live Streams with a new section on the forums, found here. Chat with the host, get more details, ask questions, get involved!

The section is also the home of KSI Happy Hour, which streams live at Twitch on KSILive every Friday at 9 p.m. EST.

KSI Town Halls

Also, the last Friday of every month, KSI Happy Hour will be a Town Hall event with leaders and members alike showing up to answer your questions.

Do you need advice? Do you want some insight on how to deal with a problem or a story about KSI history? Do you want to know what divisions used to be around, or where yours came from?

These questions and more can be answered by the Town Hall panel, and that will be on the last Friday of each month, starting Friday, March 31 — the week before Spring Break!

Productions Montage Competition

Check out this link to see the winner’s of February’s ‘Upload Studio’ montage competition. The March competition ended today and those videos will be uploaded within the next few weeks.

If you want to compete in the Upload Studio Montage Competition, it will be hosted monthly and open on the 1st of each month. The rules and submission form can be found in the Productions Section of the forums, found here.

Clan-Ops Note

Congrats to DR for being the first division to reach Flagship status during our latest effort!

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