KSI Viral Videos – (March 19, 2017)

Rocket League, FIFA, Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Grand Theft Auto, and Katy Perry.

It’s a Sunday edition of KSI Viral Videos and whether these are posted on Saturday or Sunday, we know they’re your favorite part of the week.

Don’t lie.

OK, maybe lie because I want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Moving on.

G2 is an awesome Rocket League team in the RLCS, and you can watch their stuff on Twitch and YouTube wherever.

This is Rizzo, the team’s defensive specialist bringing you a stream from this weekend’s RLCS competition.

StoneMoutain64 will always have a place in this series. He is so funny and awesome and I might have sent him a Valentine card but the world will never truly know.

Anyways here’s him narrating some awesome Battlefield 1 Motorbike kills.

Infinite Warfare is poop, but people still play it so here it is, you filthy animal.

Tommy T did the narration for the Infinite Warfare video above, and he is behind this one as well. This one is way better because it’s FIFA 17, and obviously not Call of Duty garbage.

At the top, we had G2’s Rizzo recording Rocket League game play. Here’s older video of his teammate, Kronovi, one of the premier PC Rocket League players in the world.

What he’s doing isn’t easy. I promise.

Fails and funny moments from Grand Theft Auto? SURE!

Here’s Katy Perry trying to be Lady Gaga. It isn’t too bad, but it’ll get stuck in your head.


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