A Guide to Forums Activity

KSI Sophie provides a how-to guide to the KSI Forums.

The forums, something that is loved by many, though not utilized as it should be.

The forums (KSIForums.org), is a wonderful place to find all sorts of information pertaining to recruiting ideas, training tips, even when workshops should be hosted. This hub is wonderful for all sorts of things, though my favorite is that it’s a wonderful way to make new friends.

The forums offers a vast library of knowledge, that should be shared with all ranks alike. Anyone that is curious to learn how to host a workshop, should always find out from their respective officers ranks within their squad, however, there is many threads on the forums that offers tips from members that have hosted workshops. Tips that have worked for many people. A link to those tips can be found here.

Also, there is a post full of lingo that is used in KSI. We are infamous for using some terms that you might not know upon joining a gaming community for the first time, such as blacklist, DNH, merge, etc. They can be found here.

An updated Divisional Leaders list can be found here.

Stepping away from the more technical side of KSI, the forums are an awesome place to get your weekly amount of posts as an officer. However, you want to do this in a way that you are not spamming the systems.

Posting one worded replies, or multiple posting can be viewed as spam. To stay clear from that, post once in an area and wait for another person to respond or post before posting again.

To diversify your posts, a great thing to do is post in not only your divisional section, but also check out other divisional threads. For example, if you are from Maximum Punishment (MP), consider posting in the Demonic Mayhem (DM) divisional section chats.

This has been a great way for members to interact with other members and make new friends. Many KSI members play the same game, but don’t get to meet each other being in different divisions. Consider posting in a new division to meet new players and boost up your post count for the week.

Another great thing about the forums is that we have two extremely great sections that are not used enough. One, being the General chat. The General chat offers sections upon sections of great topics such as cars, electronics, music, movies, anime, etc. This is a great way to get forums activity by meeting other KSI members who enjoy the same interests as you. The General Chat can be found here.

Secondly, the Spam section. The Spam section is dedicated to those who enjoy posting multiple times a day, or maybe a little more than that. The Spam section offers quality threads that are fun to post in and be silly with. This is a wonderful way to meet new KSI members that enjoy posting as much as you do and having a little fun while at it. The Spam section can be found here.

That’s all for now, I hope this article helps with your forums activity.

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