Opinion: Microtransactions Ruin Games

Microtransactions are taking a toll on the joy of gaming.

Games in my view used to be a lot more enjoyable. Precisely because when you had bought a game, you knew that was the full amount of content.

Sadly that just clearly isn’t like that anymore. One of the fundamental problems that caused this: Microtransactions.

Let’s take a look at a couple of games currently on the market.

One most notable being GTA Online.  This is especially apparent when they have such a substantial profit in that one area when the game is only a couple of month’s old. But you see the point.

I admit the fun in the game is lacking, mostly because of constant updates of what could be considered meaningless, in my eyes. Not that all are bad, such as the Heists Update and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

I was happy for those updates because they brought a bit more meaning to the game. But they also emptied your pockets if you didn’t have the in-game funds, then decided to buy in-game funds with your hard earned cash.

I had certainly felt this pain when the Yacht update had released last year. 8 MILLION DOLLARS.

This can easily make a grown man cry. Quite so when that same guy decides to spend money on microtransactions for it. The cost can easily get to you and make you feel that you have wasted it.

This is why I believe there are constant updates, to keep people in the game and spending like a bunch of lunatics on content.

For the last two weeks, there have been events, instead of content, which is what most thought would come again. But with every update in the game, content which you have to buy with in-game cash to obtain it ruins the experience in my eyes.

To sum there entirety of this, I wish that developers would go back to a time when games did not need this feature.

Focus solely on the end product and make it a better experience for those who want to enjoy it. I have no problem with free games which then have to use microtransactions within. That is how they would make back the money possibly from development. But on a game like GTA online there can be no excuses to why there is so much necessity for these transactions.

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