Xbox Live down, Lizard Squad claims responsibility

Xbox Live is down and Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility.

Lizard Squad, the now-famous “hacking” group and self-proclaimed DDOS King, has claimed responsibility for taking Xbox Live services down tonight.

They posted to their Twitter account in the last 2 hours:

“Sony had is worse” and “That’s a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas. #LizardSquad”

They also pinned a tweet that read, “Xbox Live #offline” two hours ago when the outage first began.

Obviously, this is annoying, but Lizard Squad has done this before and, as they say, will probably do it again.

It’s most likely a DDOS attack and not a real hack, so nobody’s personal information should be at risk.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon, but in the mean time, enjoy playing offline, visit the forums, or sit back in your Elmo pajamas while drinking hot chocolate and reading a book.

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