What is the KSI History Team?

KSI has a History Team, and the group is accepting applications.

Not many know about our founded History Team.

The KSI History Team is a group of people built up to look into and discover every bit of history about KSI that they can.

KSI has been around 10+ years that’s a lot of history to be rediscovered.

It has been up to this team to gather up that history so we never forget what has happened here in KSI and that nobody and nothing will be forgotten.

Currently it is being run by KSI Lafayette as the Co-head and KSI Vocalz an archiever. Alongside the team is KSI Paratroop 7 as an archiever, KSI Starset as a collector,KSI Overdrive98 as a collector, and our newest member KSI Swizii as a collector.

The history team is still accepting applications.

Features the history team is seeking:

  • Activity: Member needs to be actively seeking things about our future.
  • Social: Not afraid to go out and give interviews to members as well as sevens. This takes a lot of knowledge to gather important question to help us find the old parts and the newest parts of KSI.
  • Experience: Any writing skills any skills worth recognizing?
  • Confidence: Those who take pride in there work. Always remains as positive as they can and not afraid to put themselves out there for the team.

The History Team is a project that the members take pride in working on. We are accepting all applications and hope to see more come in.

Thank you.

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