What I’ve learned from KSI in a year

KSI Jessi reflects on her year in KSI.

KSI has become very dear to me and I am sure those of you reading this can agree that it has had an impact on yourselves. It’ been little over a year and I wanted to reflect on my journey and share what I have learnt from my experience of KSI overall.

KSI has become very dear to me and I can guarantee that those of you reading this can agree that it has had some impact on you too. I have had a blast so far and worked really hard in my home division DM and am so proud of all the members and leaders in that div, but it’s not only about where I was bought up in KSI. Having joined webs ops and becoming the co-head of news team and learning from the great KSI Imperiiium 7 has made a great impact on my time here in KSI. Getting to learn and spend time with members I hadn’t even known and all because of the wonderful forums. It’s been little over a year and I wanted to reflect on my journey and share the three things I take from my experience so far in KSI.

  • Family

You meet new people all the time in KSI but clan ops allows you to call some place your home whether that be it your Division or squad. You find those few gems that you share stupid, embarrassing, funny, serious and all sorts of memories with. You game with these friends every day and sometimes you share your hardships outside KSI with these friends. Its like a therapy session, it’s your time to chill and kick back from your long day of what ever it is you do as we all come from different walks of life. I’ve learnt to cherish these people and I will never forget the memories and friends I have made even if sometimes we don’t get to talk every day.

  • The ups and downs

The overall experience varies from person to person and everyone deals with situations in different ways. The main thing I try to follow is to stay away from drama but hell it’s KSI and there are people, lots of them so sometimes you can’t and that brings the downs and often I have seen it’s the drama that is caused that leads people to crash and burn. My personal downs mostly consist of balancing KSI and my personal life. A big lesson I have learnt is finding a balance and making sure you having FUN. Of course there are going to be times when you face challenges and that will cause stress but that isn’t a bad thing as looking back I am most proud of the times when I faced a challenge and overcame them. I have also found that sometimes those you love so much will sometimes up and leave and that’s okay, change is not a bad thing but the main thing to remember is to make those moments with our KSI members regardless of where they end up in KSI count. Make the most of your time, don’t get caught up in drama and forget about what really matters!

  • Fun

This is a really important one; you should always aim to have fun and that comes with creating an amazing environment for yourselves and our members because it all boils down to having fun and gaming. We are a gaming community so explore, game, and possibly join the extra departments that KSI offers so you can expand your social circle. Make those game night’s last till the next morning and make sure your killing your best friend in COD or Halo so they hate you the next day and call for a 1v1!

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