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Weekend Warfare Recap: Destiny 1 FFA (12/30/17)

Did you miss this weeks Weekend Warfare?! No worries!! Our News Team is here to supply a recap for you!! See who came out in the top three for Destiny 1 Free For All!!


Did you miss this weeks Weekend Warfare? No worries! The News Team has worked hard to supply you with everything you missed! This weekends event was Destiny 1 Free For All. Overall we had a great turn out of 13 members! Huge shout out to Demonic Mayhem! More than half of the attendance were Demonic Mayhem members.

The Game

Since there was a pretty good amount of members who attend this weeks Weekend Warfare, there were three different lobbies. Once the games had begun, I jumped into the multiple parties to see what may have been missed from the stream. We had three lovely hosts; KSI Breakfast 7, KSI Meta 7, and KSI Cherry 7! Along with that, our streamer was KSIxNebula, who surprised some of the competitors when he played as well! Due to no spectating options for this game type, KSIxNebula got to join fellow members!

Jumping into KSI Breakfast 7’s party first, there were multiple comments on how, “Breakfast rocked that pink,” which lightened the party up into a few chuckles. Of course, what is Weekend Warfare without some lag? However, there wasn’t too much of it!

Since this was a Free For All, the person at the bottom of the score board each round was the one who was eliminated. That being said, there was a lot of skilled players who joined us last night, and left the watchers on the edges of their seats! As the night went on, there were some surprising turns! “How am I still Alive!? Like HELLO!!” KSI BadKitty 7 stated, as she almost neared death in one of the rounds. All of the members were pretty talented in Destiny 1, which lead to some close calls!



KSI Soap 7


KSI BadKitty 7

KSI Blood

KSI Gruntier 7


KSI GoofyDoofer

KSI FluffyPuppr

KSI Cryogen

KSI LittleLight




KSI AphroRhys


KSI Sarin



Coming in first was KSI LittleLight, who had some cheerleaders on the stream! Sliding in second was KSI Blood! Finally, in third place was KSI FluffyPuppr!


With a great turn out, this Weekend Warfare was a huge success! Huge shoutout to our hosts and streamer! This wouldn’t have ran smoothly without them! If you want to see this Warfare in action, follow this link;

Interested in what’s up for next weeks Weekend Warfare? There will be a CoD: Bo3 Free For All Tournament on January 6th at 8p.m EST. Signs on the forums close thirty minutes before the event! If you want to sign up follow this link:A?

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