Awards Show: Jan 14, 2018

KSI’s annual Awards Show is slated to be broadcast on January 14, 2018. Get your details here.

What is the Awards Show?

The Awards Show is a yearly activity that we, as a community, celebrate. With the end of the year, the ‘Of the Year’ awards are decided upon through a nomination process through our AAP, or Awards and Achievements Program. Members of this community nominate leaders for outstanding service throughout the year by writing about why these people have been outstanding.

This is an extremely important time of the year for KSI as a whole. It is important that we take time to appreciate the people who make an impact on this community and to each other. With that being said, our livestream will be on our Twitch channel on Sunday, January 14th. To watch the livestream, follow this link:

But Wait, There’s More!

Every year, the AAP team and the Board of Directors choose a couple of additional awards to hand out. These, for example, could be anything such as Most Improved Division or Best Memory.

On top of that, there are always more surprises in store. If you watch the livestream, there is a very good chance you will catch someone being inducted into the Hall of Fame or being promoted. The point is that this show is full of surprises. The best way to catch them all is to simply tune in!

What Happens to the Winners?

Winners are given an ‘Of the Year’ award on the forums. Winners are also posted on the for everyone to access whenever they need it. If you need help finding this, please follow this link:

KSI Members of The Year


Thank you to all of the members who participated in the ‘Of the Year’ nominations and voting. Super thank you to all of the leaders who were set on spreading the word to get more participation. Shoutout to the AAP team for making this possible!

Get hyped, guys! Make sure you are there, or you will be a square.


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