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Weekend Warfare: Rainbow Six Siege – May 26, 2018

Did you miss Weekend Warfare? Get your details here!

Weekend Warfare Rainbow Six Siege

This week’s weekend warfare was hosted by KSI ShadowFoxx, KSI Bane, and KSI God Zeus . Huge shout-out to all the members of T&E who came out and made these event a success. KSI RestNPeace7 from productions did the streaming for this weeks weekend warfare. Please remember when participating in these events to follow the KSI code of conduct or you or your team will be disqualified.

The Winners Circle

Crimson Dawn gave it all that they had until the end when Explosive Outlaws took the lead and didn’t look back. Congratulations toA?Explosive Outlaws for coming in first place,A?Crimson Dawn for coming in 2nd place andA?Wicked Destruction for coming in 3rd place. Great job with the bonus participation points.

Second Place

Team Captin: KSI Grand Lion

Division: Crimson Dawn

Teammate: KSI Girthy Beast

Division: Crimson Dawn

Teammate: KSI Howie

Division: Crimson Dawn

Winning Team

Team Captain: KSI SHOT ME

Division: Explosive Outlaws

Teammate: KSI Mgacka

Division: Explosive Outlaws

Teammate: KSI NoSoul

Division: Explosive Outlaws


We had 45 members participate in this weeks weekend warfare. Thank you to everybody who came out this week to represent their division. We hope to see all of you next week on Smite.

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