Historians of KSI- History On a New Level

Wait… we have a history team? Slide in and catch up on what the History Department brings to KSI, and what our Historians do as well as what you can do!

KSI Has Historians?

Have you ever been casually scrolling through the News Section on the forums, and wandered across the History Section? Have you not? Well I am here to do a little run down on our History Department. Since our community has been around for a while, KSI developed the History Department and has amazing Historians to keep you up to date.

Now, I know you may be wondering why History in our community is important. Like all of the thing’s that surround us; in video games and in the real world, history helps guide us in the right direction. It also gives us a sense of understanding on where we are now, and where we are heading.

As much as we all would like to forget some of the thing’s that have happened in our pasts, our pasts heavily influence what we choose to do now, and in the future.

So why does KSI have a History Department? For a short answer, some thing’s are easily forgotten but are needed to help form and enhance our community.

What Makes it Cool?

I know what y’all are thinking as “history” pops into your mind. Perhaps a history class you had to take in your youth. Some of us enjoyed history while others dreaded it. My point here is that KSI History is actually interesting, and enjoyable to catch up on.

Our Historians here in our History Department work hard to catch you up on current and past leaders, as well as current squads and those that used to be. We let you know notable leaders who have been in your division and even get in touch with them and interview them.

How Can I Participate?

There are multiple ways you can contribute to the History Department. If you feel like contributing to our team individually, we have individual histories threads in the History section on the forums. Click here to see where to start! Here is where you can make a topic and share you story and travels that you’ve had within the KSI community!

Feel like you would want to contribute more? We are always looking for more applicants who are willing to get out there and collect the history of KSI! Click here to see our application!

Also, we have our bi-monthly Monthly Spotlights, where you can nominate anyone you feel deserves to have a spotlight!

Your Historians are always here, staying updated and ready to notify you on old and new things! If you have suggestions or questions let us know!


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