KSI True 77: Why I Love This Community

Although it may seem silly, we all need to remember why we love this community sometimes.

Yeah, I know…

Everyone always writes articles about this. However, not everyone who has been around for a while takes the time to explain why, over time, they continue to love this community.

I have been here for four years, as of February 2018. That being said, I have experienced a wide variety of the terrible things that this community has gone through. I have made friends and lost friends. I have lost numerous mentors throughout those 4 years.

However, my love for this community outlasts all of these trials and tribulations.

The “Why”

We are all humans. We have faults, we make errors. I have made my own fair share of errors, and my faults are definitely something I have worked on.

Many, many times I have stumbled. Many times I have fallen. Yet KSI, the people within this community, are always there to help pick me back up.

One of these people was KSI BadKitty 7. Although we may have had our differences, she was a very good friend in a time of need. KSI Guyy 77 is another one of these people, as he is always there to give me the guidance that I want the least.

Many people throughout this community have been some sort of support for those around them who are in need, especially in KSI. Not only is this community enjoyable and stable, it is full of individuals with big hearts and astounding work ethic.

On top of the fact that KSI is supportive, KSI also helps provide motivation and focus. Throughout the course of my being in KSI, I have been knocked down a few times. Each of those times, motivation from the people around me throughout this community helps push me to strive more for what I desire out of life.

Myself, as well as many members throughout KSI, have learned many valuable management and work ethic skills that encourage us to become better, to always reach higher.

Pretty Much…

KSI is great. We all say it, we all think it. We all think about leaving at some point or another. However, the people and the leadership knowledge are a huge reason to love this community.

Take the time to appreciate the people around you. It means a lot to them.

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