Weekend Warfare: ES on BO2, Oct. 17, 2017

KSI News recaps last week’s ES Black Ops 2 Tournament, hosted by T&E.


For those who don’t know, T&E is trying out a new tournament. This is a tournament held for the division who had won in the previous Weekend Warfare. For the very first test of these tournaments, Eternal Souls, who had won the previous weekend warfare of a Call Of Duty: Black Ops 1 Free-For-All, got to have themselves a tournament of their choosing.

The Guts

With some thought, ES decided to choose a Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 3v3 Core Search and Destroy. However, due to the lack of attendees, this was not the way it played out. But with the help of our very own Head of T&E, KSI Mpliers 7, turned the match in to a Free-For-All tournament! This enabled everyone to still enjoy themselves, even with a poor turn out.

Attendees included:

Host: KSI Mpliers 7
Streamer: KSI ShadowFoxx
KSI Guyy 77 -T&E and News Rep

-KSI CycL0ne
-KSI Mystic Fox
-KSI TexAngel 7
-KSI RestInPeace

-KSI Simpliztiic
-KSI AtomXGen


A lot of Bouncing Betties lead to KSI Guyy 77’s new nickname, “Pancake Eater.” Spawn killing, random lunge knife killing, and rocket launchers to the face, made up ES’s tournament. Finally, the competition boiled down to the final three contestants.

KSI AtomXGen
KSI Mystic Fox

KSI AtomXGen blew the competition out of the water with 30 kills. This left the others unaware of what was even happening, and resulted in only ending up with 4 kills! We saw some truly amazing gameplay on KSI AtomXGen’s end, who took 1st place by a landslide.

With an unforeseen turn of events, KSI Mystic Fox and ImpliedAtom tied for 2nd place leading the game into over time. Final results were inconclusive due to lag! This gave the saying, “there are no losers,” a whole new meaning.


Even though this new tournament had a rough start with ES, I feel once the tournament has a foundation it will have the potential for great things. Be sure to check out future Weekend Warfares so you can bring home a tournament to your own division! On top of that, don’t forget to spread the word!

Tournament Standings

1st- KSI AtomXGen
2nd-  ImpliedAtom/KSI Mystic Fox


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