KSI Fantasy Football: Debut

News Team introduces: KSI Fantasy Football!


This year of KSI Fantasy Football has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. We have teams that are owned by all level of ranks within the community. The board is even represented in this vast league of 18 members. This is a great opportunity for all ranks to come together and compete.

We have teams that are owned by die hard football fans, but also by people who have never watched a football game. This really gives members a chance to come together and compete for fun.


For those of you not familiar with Fantasy Football, I’ll give you a brief overview. The year starts off with each member picking from a list of players from the NFL. Draft strategy really depends on the person and who they believe will score them the most points.

Points are awarded for player performance and what they do throughout the year. Everything is considered when it comes to points. Points can be earned through touchdowns, receiving yards, rushing yards. Points can be lost through negative contributions, such as fumbles or interceptions.

Each week, the owner of the team must put together the lineup they think will do the best. After all the games are played, points are tallied up and a winner is decided.

This Year So Far

So far this year in the KSI league, we have a few standout teams. As the only undefeated team in the league still remaining, KSI Greg 7 looks to be the favorite heading into week 7.

However, there are two teams close behind at 5-1 just waiting for Greg to receive his first loss and tie it up. Yours truly being one of those teams, I don’t have to tell you how much I’d like to see Greg get his butt whipped this week!

With rookie players breaking out and scoring huge points, it is really tough to decide who to play. This year in particular has been quite difficult in picking players. With injuries and other contributors, it really effects the outcome every week. You can always go the route of listening to the sports analysis on ESPN and go with what they are saying. Personally, I use my gut instinct and football watching experience. Whatever method you use to set your lineup for the week, it is a gamble none the less.

Projections for the Upcoming Week

While I may not be an ESPN analyst, I may have some factors for you to consider this upcoming week of Fantasy Football. Todd Gurley has been a strong start every week this year, right alongside rookie Kareem Hunt. With the Patriots facing off in a Super Bowl rematch against the Atlanta Falcons, it promises to be a high scoring affair.

If you have Julio Jones like I do, we are praying for that first touchdown of the year! Don’t give up hope on Julio yet people, he is still looking for that breakout game with huge points. If you have Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski, I certainly hope you don’t need to tell you to start them. With a decimated backfield, the Vikings still look to Jerick McKinnon to put up big numbers for them, so starting him is in your best interest.


This will be a weekly article, so next week we will concentrate a little more on stats and projections! I hope my insight has helped you on your way to Fantasy Football glory. Look for next weeks article, or hit me up via Xbox if you would like some more Fantasy advice! Best of luck on all of your lineups, unless you are facing me of course…

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