Member Spotlight: KSI Guyy 77

KSI Guyy 77 tells us about what KSI means to him and why he is here.


What is all of the effort we put into KSI worth, and why do we do it? Are we all fighting for our ranks and grinding the KSI life, or is it something more?

Recently, this question came up in the EO officer chat by a lieutenant. I was intrigued. Feeling compelled to answer, I was beyond interested in others’ responses. Surely, it was misunderstood by some and blew off by others. However, I saw the question and understood what kind of answer he was searching for

I will share and explain my answer. In turn, I will challenge any and all officers of KSI no matter of rank to shed their armor and give a pure and honest answer as to what KSI is worth to you.

My Story

For anyone to best understand what I do here and what it is worth to me, let me explain a story.

I initially joined KSI to attend a tournament and take some “KSI chump’s” money. I had lost this tournament and in turn went completely AFK from KSI. Defiant was in a funny state at the time and I wasn’t fluffed for whatever reasons are beyond me.

However, the  interesting information lies in what was happening in my real life scenario. I had received my second dui before the age of 21 and I had sunken into a deep dark and ugly depression. I had cut off all of my friends due to the fact that they were all drinking friends. After realizing that I needed something more than the bottom of a bottle, I was lost and needed something good in my life.

I found that in KSI within EO. I had friends. We were chilling, gaming, and working for something more, something bigger and better. KSI saved my life. That may sound extreme and maybe it is to an extent, but I found a home in KSI, a family within EO. KSI GrimShot 77, who at the time was no more than a SSGT, had invited me to a party to be promoted to CPL. I was long past due for said promotion and by standards in EO today, I would have been fluffed long ago.

I then attended a workshop, which was the weirdest concept to me at the time. It was a recruiting workshop. Athe end of all EO workshops we ask the members who were there if they had any comments, questions, or concerns.

Suddenly, it was my turn. I had a concern; the Smite following within EO had diminished. KSI Grimshot 77 recommended that I take matters into my own hands and build a following in Smite. This definitely encouraged me to become better. Currently, I am a recently promoted Co-founder in EO. I was previously the General over Defiant, which had split twice within the 2 months that I worked with them. This is all thanks to the high standards and great ideals EO has in place. I have a family here, not a ranking structure – don’t get me wrong though, there is a time and a place when as in any situation the ranking structure must be upheld.

What KSI Means to Me

What is it all worth to me?

I can provide a place for someone to escape the real life problems; a screaming mother, a shitty day at work, a sick kid. I can log into Xbox and have an entire community of people to enjoy gaming and just hang out.

If I can return the favor that EO extended to me to just one person, or a thousand, then KSI is worth it to me. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Thankfully, I can be a part of saving someone’s life, a part of building a better community for all of KSI. We can end solo gaming and build a family for thousands of people. We can give gamers a home.

So long as EO can keep this mentality, then I will consistently push for bigger and better things for us, to expand our reach and hopefully, one day, push these ideals for all of KSI. Growth is fundamental to keeping KSI what it is and EO will thrive off of it. EO will thrive and create the best home and family we can for as many gamers as possible.


Finally, I ask to step out of your comfort zone. Shed that armor, not in fear, but to speak the truth. Tell us what is truly on your mind, what is KSI worth to you?

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