KSI Speaks: Change

KSI Guyy 77 talks to us about change and the impact it has on everyone around us.


Change is good, it is bad, it is inevitable.

This is something all KSI leaders and members must understand and accept. Some fear change and, in turn, delay it. While enjoying the comfort of their stagnant position, the lack of change becomes their “comfort zone.” This leads to holding back and missing many opportunities.

One must conform to change. Leaders must redefine their comfort zone almost on a daily basis or become stuck in a rut. Without change, leaders run the risk of holding back their squad members, division, web-obs or department-ops teams.

An unavoidable fact in a community like KSI is that there are new policies and games everyday. We handle issues differently and problem solve with new methods. Whether it’s new minds that are constantly at work to better KSI or to find alternative methods to the millions of processes and ideals within KSI, and the freedom we are given by our leadership to grow in whichever direction we see best fit.

As I have expanded my metaphorical wings within KSI, it is amazing to see all the different methods of doing one thing. These different methods are derived from each division facing different and unique challenges, and, for lack of a better word, evolving from it.

It is easily argued, however, the difference between evolution and change is quite a thin line.


Progression can be intimidating for fear of failure. As leaders, we sometimes have to make the hard decisions though the masses may not understand these moves. Most of the time, we cannot predict the outcome of our decisions but we do it in the ideal of progression.

Failure is also sadly inevitable. As a leader, you will be criticized and ridiculed for failure. A good leader will learn from his or her failures to ensure more success in the future.

Our successes may go unnoticed most of the time due to the fact that it is expected of us to succeed. However, we must not learn from our successes, but our failures. With this, we grow as leaders. The rules and roles change around us. We only hope we can make more progressive than regressive decisions.


To conclude and summarize, anything within KSI is subject to change. The question is: are we flexible enough to conform?

Finally, I challenge every reader. If you could change 3 things within in KSI in a progressive manner, what would they be and why?

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