SYTYCW: Trick or Treat!

SYTYCW: Trick or Treat results are in! Happy Halloween!


This month, we asked KSI to tell us about their KSI tricks or treats. Of course, we ended up with a few jokes. We heard a few heart-wrenching stories and laughed about promotion trolling.


In 1st place was KSI Airborne 7, who told us about his promotion to Co-Founder, “I think my favorite trick was my original promotion to Co-Founder in Divine Reign. They really did a number on me there.

The first thing that had thrown me off was that somehow I didn’t have access to things I should have, these same things I had access to the previous night. When I asked my divisional leadership at the time I was told, “It will all be taken care of later.” Which was unusually short from them, and came off pretty ominously to me.

So then I began to play the what if game and started to come up with every possible horrible scenario in which I had done something to be demoted as a General and that I would have to either start my climb in ranks from the bottom of the ladder again, or whether I was even going to be welcome in KSI at all. I had all but resigned myself at this point to being struck down. In all honesty, I now can say that feeling probably helped make what actually happened to me more memorable, and mean more to me.

So after keeping myself on pins and needles all day, the weekly General’s Meeting finally rolled around, and I got my invite like normal. The notes were put out as normal. Everything was normal. I was just starting to think I was out of the woods, until they started inviting more people. My director at the time, some of the other directors and some of my former 7s like Paratroop. They all were pretty silent as I was told that I had been found to be associating with a blacklisted member, and that my squad had been taken from me. I sat there patiently and quietly not sure what to do or where to go at that point. They finally asked me if I understood, and I had said that, “I was not aware I had been in contact with anyone I shouldn’t have been, but what do you need me to do at this point?”

And they told me I needed to change the rank on my profile so that it said Co-Founder. :mellow:

I went from feeling like the crud you scrape from the bottom of a barrel to feeling like a million bucks in the time it would take you to blink. They were all there laughing and congratulating me, and all kind of just welcomed me into being a 7. It was just a completely great feeling. Again I would have to say having it seem as though all my hard work was going to be for nothing and then blindsiding me with the promotion made it count that much more to me. Especially while I was going through some negative things in my life outside of the gaming world. This is one of the various reasons I love this community.”

In second place was KSI Widow 7, who wrote about an inside joke, and a well known nickname, “Wanna hear a joke? I have got plenty up my sleeve! There is this particularly thing that I’m known for and it has grown to be an inside joke. If you were to ask anyone who knew me if I was called “cucumber” they’d say yes. I joined KSI when I was 16. I will admit I was a bit immature in some ways, but not all. But we had this chat going and we started talking about somethings, I’m not going to go in detail for a reason. Makes it more mysterious, in the light of Halloween.

But, being me I just spit the first thing that came to my mind and was like, “A cucumber!” Ever since that day, I have been known as cucumber and typically bring great joy and lots of laughter in the dicussions that come up with cucumbers. It’s pretty fascinating and is a great memory.

So a lesson from this, if you ever come across a decision one day with some lady friends or guy friends, just yell “A cucumber!” You’ll be laughing for a while. I promise.

Oh! And if you ever decide to dress up as a scary cucumber for halloween, I’ll give you brownie points.

I bet you smiled a bit while reading this. If not…. well that’s a bit stinky. ”

Coming in third was KSI Guyy 77, who told us about a time he was trolled during a promotion, ” In Explosive Outlaws if you were not trolled into your position than you weren’t actually given the position its a custom that’s been instilled by @Mr. Karaoke . This has been upheld even after his promotion and will continue to be. I as a General have received many Trolly promotions been witness to trolly promotions and in turn given many trolly promotions. Though Skarz stole one of the greatest Id have to speak on another promotion done by @Mr. Karaoke himself I cant recall who promotion it was but we pulled him into the party and than continued to explain to him how we had heard he was hanging around blacklisted communities and higher ups within said communities and how we had evidence proving this. To the point he was ready to leave KSI where we than decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Though as hilarious as it is to me as all trolly promotions you have to be there to feel the emotion within the party for this member had worked extremely hard to get where he was and he was a guy of the people he truly didn’t care for the rank and just loved what KSI had to offer ( I remember who it was now lol) A man for rules and a stickler to them which is why he took this so to heart and made it all the more fun.”


Thank you to everyone who posted and participated and we hope you were able to get a good laugh. It is always fun hearing other peoples’ success stories or jokes.

For the month of November, we will be asking KSI members to write a thank-you note in dedication to the person who has impacted them the most in this community. Please take the time to appreciate the one person who changed the world for you by opening your eyes to the real side of KSI.

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