AAP: ‘OTY’ 2017 Information

Of The Year awards are coming up, read here to be prepared!

OTY: Of The Year Awards

Every month, the AAP team posts a thread on the forums that members can use to say amazing things about other KSI members. Whichever of these members has the most outstanding witnesses receives an award on the forums. For example, Founder Of The Month.

Every year, these monthly nominations are added to a list of eligible ‘OTY’ winners. An “Of The Year” award is extremely prestigious and well respected. To win one of these awards really means you have truly impacted KSI.

This year, the ‘OTY’ thread will be posted on the 6th of November and will be open for voting until the 18th of December. It is very important that as many people who can participate in this, do. The more activity there is, the more accurate the awards will be.

Once this thread is closed, the AAP staff will begin their voting. Once that is complete, the Board of Directors will approve the list of winners. Finally, when the winners are decided, KSI will host one of its’ oldest and most popular traditions: the Of The Year Awards show. This show is predicted to be live on January 13th or 14th. The date will be formally announced once the Board is certain.

How to Participate

On the 6th of November, a thread will be posted on the forums (ksiforums.org > AAP > Of The Years: Nominations 2017). If you need help navigating to this page, ask any 7 in KSI. Once this thread is open, members have free reign to post up their nominations for the Of The Year awards.

Posting up for these awards is simple! All you need to do is bring your brain, your heart, and your hands. Explain to KSI why certain people are outstanding for the entire year. Tell KSI why you look up to certain people, why you respect them. Take the time to show these people that you recognize them, their efforts, and their friendship.

KSI is practically built to sell friends lists. Of the Year awards are built to sell respect and appreciation. We all hope for nominations to be posted up about our own selves, and the best way to do that is to lead by example.

Friendly reminder because I have done this myself: Do not tell yourself that you will do it later, chances are that you will forget. Take your time but don’t put it off until it is too late. These awards mean a lot to this community and the award show is one of the most exciting KSI events.

Awards Show

This livestream will either be on January 13th or January 14th. During this stream, the winners of the ‘OTY’ awards will be announced as well as a couple of other odd awards.

Last year, a few of those odd awards included: Memory of the Year, Most Improved Division, Most Improved Member. There were many other awards given out as well, however, surprises are more fun!

Twitch Subscribers

As we have stated before, during KSI events, money donated through twitch enters you into a raffle. For every $5 that is donated to KSI, one ticket with your name is entered into a raffle from which we will draw when handing out prizes. Therefore, the more money you donate, the higher chance you have at winning a new game, a gamertag change, some free Xbox Live, or more!

If you have Amazon Prime, you get one free subscription per month and have to pay nothing in return. Please remember that if you do subscribe through Amazon Prime, you must re-subscribe each month.


Spread the word to as many people as you can! It is very important to have as much participation as possible as this is a very important event! Prizes, awards, and laughter will be shared throughout the nomination process as well as at the Award Show itself.

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