Weekend Warfare: 3v3 CTF WWII (Feb. 17)

Who won Weekend Warfare? Never fear, the News Team is here!


For the first time in a long time, Weekend Warfare had participants from every division! This is absolutely astounding, so congrats KSI on being awesome!

The competition was a fierce one, however, there was only room for nine winners.

3v3 CTF WWII Winners

First Place: EO & WD
  • KSI Astral
  • Bio Zhi
  • KSI LostHyperen
Second Place: CD
  • KSI BloodyPup
  • KSI Smokey
  • KSI Joker74
Third Place: CD
  • KSI iMeShell
  • KSI R3V 7
  • KSI Soap 7

Watch the stream now!


Make sure to congratulate the winners!

Sign up for next weekends Weekend Warfare, Rainbow 6 Siege: 3v3 Bomb tournament here!

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