SYTYCW: Gamertags

SYTYCW winners from January 2018 are posted here. Make sure to congratulate them!

January 2018: Gamertags

For the month of January, the So You Think You Can Write competition theme was gamertags. We asked members around the community to share how they got the gamertags that they have today. There were many responses to sort through, so deciding a winner wasn’t easy. The News Team would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated.

Winners and Their Stories

KSI Skychild

I was at work when i got the phone call that changed my life forever. She told me she has news that she was pregnant with a heathly baby girl. We were thinking Of Names for Our beautiful daughter. We came Up With Skylar. When I Joined KSI on Feb 27, 2017 i Wanted to Keep my daughter close to my Heart cuz she means the world to me. Me and My girlfriend came up With the Name KSI Skychild when i joined. Since then it has been my gamertag for almost 1 year in KSI. everyone calls me sky for short. My daughter has changed my life since she was born.

KSI Blood

Before I was brought into KSI, my gamertag was Blood Legionair.  Yes the spelling for legionair is wrong but some other person had taken the gamertag I wanted.  Anyways, I am a very big believer that music connects with people on a deep emotional level.  I went through a very rough patch and I turned to music.  My favourite band is In this moment.  around this rough patch they released an album called Blood.  At the time the songs spoke to me well 1 in particular.  the song name is Blood Legion. its mostly an instrumental, but the words that are said made me feel like I was welcome somewhere.  3 months after hearing that song they had a concert down in Arizona.  I had to get the back stage pass.  I got to meet Maria Brink, she actually gave me the time of day and heard my story. She gave me a hug, and said welcome to the Blood Legion. She made me feel wanted.  I went home couple days later i felt so happy that i had to change my name to always remind me of the amazing time I had.

KSI Berry

So, my story begins on a small little 360 nerd that wanted to have a nice Gamertag. I am an animation Major which I have loved since I was in High School. In middle school, I created a character that I related to. Blaze was her name and I had her be a fire goddess living on a small island. I had many stories about her and have changed her style several times before sticking to the style I have on my xbox photo. I decided that my Gamertag should be about her and since she was cute to people, I had her be Cutie. Thus, Blaze The Cutie was born. I had the tag for a bit. Even after being in KSI for a year. My friends called me Cutie and others called me Blaze for the longest time. Then came the decision to change my name.

My ex boyfriend suggested to me to keep Blaze and ditch the rest. He suggested KSI The Blaze. Unfortunately the name was taken and seems like they don’t even get on anymore since a few years ago. I had to stick to random numbers in my name which I didn’t like but did it anyways. I stuck around like that for a while. My own name sticking to me and making myself well known. It wasn’t till recently, I wanted a change for myself. I have been on kik as Berry and I loved the name since I do enjoy berries so much. Why not try to have the name myself? So, I went with it and it really looks cleaner than usual. I miss my old name but this feels like a fresh start on the new year.

February: Gamer life

For the month of February, we are asking members to share the first gaming experience they had that lead them to become a gamer. If you would like to participate, please follow this link. Please keep your responses PG-13. Happy typing!


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