SYTYCW: Gamer Life – 2nd Place Pt 2

KSI Gary 7 shares his gaming experiences with us here!

Gamer Life – February 2018

For the month of February, we asked our fellow gamers to tell us the story that got them into gaming. We had an excellent turnout, so it was difficult to pick a winner. Heck, second and third place were a tie. Thank you to everyone who participated! All of those posts were fun to read.

Here is one of our 2 second place winners’ submission now!

Our Tied 2nd Place Winner

KSI Gary 7

O my first gaming experience that I would say really set my heart on the gaming life would have to be Kingdom Hearts!

Now to say I enjoyed the game would be the biggest understatement you would ever hear! This game came out on the PlayStation 2 on the 28th March 2002! And I loved every moment of it! It’s story was captivating, I fell in love with the characters, the villains, and the game play was phenomenal for the time! I must have played it 20+ times!

Fast forward a few years and Kingdom Hearts 2 came out! My mom and dad said they would get it for me for Christmas, so I was a very excited 13 year old! Anyway, around September time I thought “I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to look for my Christmas presents.” So I hunted and hunted to no avail! I was disappointed, I thought, “I’ll look in their closet, might be there”. Lo and behold, there it was! The game I was so excited about ! I picked the game up and sniffed the box, and that beautiful plastic new game smell comforted my nostrils ! I noticed the game wasn’t in a plastic wrapper, looked at the time and saw my parents wouldn’t be home for about 3 more hours ! Lets fire this baby up!

So to cut a long story short, I ended up completing the game about 2 weeks before Christmas by slyly playing it when my parents were out! And had to act really surprised come Christmas!!!


The other two winners will be announced, each 24 hours from each other.

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